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Newly Enhanced SMB Specialization Offers Opportunities to Symantec Partners

Partners –Symantec is excited about the growing opportunity in the Small and Midsize Business market.  We are focusing our resources on programs to help support you in increasing demand and driving revenue in that market segment. Last week, we announced an enhanced SMB Specialization, with exciting new financial incentives, advanced SMB-focused technical support, and tailored tools and enablement benefits to help you be successful.

The new program benefits kick in once you have achieved membership in the new program, either in one expertise track, SMB Backup, or the other, SMB Security, or both. All partners are encouraged to achieve both tracks, as the financial benefits increase with your training commitment. The transition period for members of the former Specialization is underway and ends February 17, 2012. Former members have until then to leverage former program benefits and to bring their accreditations in alignment with the enhanced Specialization.

Here are just a few reasons why you should join the SMB Specialization:

  • Offer choice to your customers.The SMB Backup Specialization includes backup solutions in multiple form factors: on-premise, .cloud, and appliance to help you meet the variety of business goals of all of your SMB customers.
  • Front-end discount at distribution.The discount is fast, profitable and is available on all products, in all form factors, in the Specialization.
  • SMB Opportunity Registration.Register SMB opportunities at a lower minimum deal size and receive deal protection and a discount.
  • SMB-dedicated Technical Support.Access an SMB-focused team of frontline and advanced technical support professionals to help you resolve your small and midsize business customers' pre- and post-sales questions.
  • SMB-focused tools and training.Add to your expertise by leveraging a variety of free online training, and SMB-tailored sales, technical and marketing tools, including Campaign Creator, a demand creation and outbound marketing engine, that offers emails, invitations and campaigns for you to customize, launch and measure.

Here’s how you can learn more:

We are excited to offer our partners an outstanding program that provides the best benefits and resources available. Partner with us to capture more of the SMB market – get SMB specialized today!