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North America Channel Marketing Update: April 2015

Level 2

As we make progress in separating Symantec into two independent companies, we continue to release new market intelligence, products and co-branded campaigns to ensure our partners are armed with the necessary information and tools to best serve our joint customers.

Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report

Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report leverages an unparalleled amount of data and the knowledge of Symantec’s global cybersecurity experts to provide you with a 2015 threat landscape overview. It looks at the ever-evolving threat landscape to help keep you informed so you can build a Cybersecurity posture that keeps your customers prepared and safe from cyber-attacks. Be sure to download the latest Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) from and watch our ISTR on-demand partner webcast to keep yourself and your customers in-the-know.

Latest Product Releases

Symantec Embedded Security: Critical System Protection is a lightweight, signature-less security client designed for connected devices being built for the collective category known as the Internet of Things. Optimized for embedded systems and resource constrained environments, Symantec Embedded Security: Critical System Protection can be integrated by device manufacturers or installed post market as part of an asset owner's cyber security strategy.

The Symantec Endpoint Encryption 11.0.1 release extends our management capabilities to include support for FileVault2 (Apple’s native OS encryption offering), as well as support for Opal-compliant self-encrypting drives. It provides your customers with the freedom to choose whichever encryption platform best meets their needs. Additional enhancements include smart card support on UEFI systems for our public sector customers, as well as support for CD/DVD/Blu-ray and support for Device Session Passwords, further enhancing our removable media capabilities for multi-user workstation/kiosk use cases.

IT Management Suite 7.6 is now generally available and is all about IT flexibility and user freedom. IT can now securely manage remote users, rapidly deploy and support new devices, platforms, and applications while also working smarter with simplified administration and reporting tools. Your customers can try it now for free here.

I encourage you to visit PartnerNet for additional information and materials on the latest product releases, including data sheets, white papers, on-demand webcasts, GRID campaigns, and more.

Backup Exec 15: Co-Branded Partner Campaign

Symantec partners can start generating leads today with the new co-branded Backup Exec 15 campaign, now available in The Symantec GRID. Launch this campaign to educate your customers on how to solve backup challenges, meet recovery objectives, and reduce costs with Backup Exec 15. The campaign also offers customers a free fully-functioning trial for 60-days. Click here to launch your campaign now.

We’re excited to deliver these latest updates to our partners, and encourage you to keep visiting this blog where we’ll be posting more information as it becomes available. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.