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PartnerAssist Success Story - Helping the Partner with Enterprise Vault Design and Implementation Review

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Symantec Partner Assist – Assisting a Partner with Enterprise Vault Design and Implementation Review

Symantec PartnerAssist teamrecently completed Design Review and Implementation Review for a New Zealand based partner for one of their premium customer. The review services were provided remotely by the PartnerAssist  team using phone and online tools like WebEx Meeting Centre.

The customer’s company, that had multiple legacy exchange 2003/2007 servers, was in the process of consolidation to new Exchange 2010 servers. The legacy Exchange servers were being archived using old Enterprise Vault 8.0 server hardware and storage. Due to Exchange consolidation, customer also wanted to upgrade to Enterprise Vault 9.0 and at the same time consolidate Enterprise Vault to new virtualized setup using faster and better storage and decommission the older Enterprise Vault setup.

A Symantec Partner was involved in designing and implementing the whole solution for the customer and giving customer the migration plan to migrate archives from old Enterprise Vault setup to new Enterprise Vault setup.

The Partner that did the design and implementation for the customer was not a Master Specialist in Archiving and e-discovery hence they requested Symantec Partner Assist to help them in verifying that the design and implementation is done as per Symantec’s best practices and highlight any issues.  Symantec Partner Assist gathered all the design and implementation related documents from the partner and the customer, worked remotely with the partner and the customer to understand the environment and come up with the report and presentation on the findings.

The Partner found it very useful since Symantec could help them where they were not experts at and at the same time the customer was also assured since Symantec had reviewed the work and  their systems have been verified by the product experts and hence should work as expected.

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