Top 3 Program Workshops

Research your opportunity to solve bigger customer problems and earn greater rewards with our top 3 program workshops

Explore your opportunity to invest in our partner program to solve bigger customer problems and earn greater rewards:
1: Solutions Focused: Why focus on Information Management &/or Information Security
2: Our Joint Value Proposition: Aligned to what you do to drive deeper relationships
3: How to Play & Win: Invest in the program to enjoy greater differentiation & rewards
Learn how to earn more benefits in the partner program:
1: Get ready to earn greater rewards 
2: Win new business with Opportunity Registration (OR) or Margin Builder (MB
3: Retain Existing Customers with the Renewal Performance Rebate (RPR)
4: Grow your business with the Growth Accelerator Rebate (GAR)
5: Invest in your business with Symantec Partner Development Funds (SPDF)
How to Manage your Financial Benefits (31:29)
Learn how to manage your financial benefits with the Financial Benefits Portal.
1: Financial Benefits Whiteboard: Get Ready to Earn Greater Rewards
2: Financial Benefits Portal Overview: How to Monitor & Manage your Financial Benefits
3: How to Manage SPDF: Dashboard, Proposals, Activities & Claims
Were investing more money than ever before in partners with the commitment, capability and performance to help us solve bigger customer problems.

 Follow the six easy steps in this tool and complete the blue boxes to see how much you could earn when you invest in our partner program.


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