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Veritas Partners (#VtasPart) Harness the Power of Information (#HPOI) with this weeks social digest from our Twitter @veritastechcoLinkedIn & YouTube channels.  Simply click share at the top of the page to share this blog post with your professional social networks or follow and share selected stories below.

Veritas Brand

Transforming IT Service Continuity for the Enterprise with Veritas Resiliency Platform (blog)
Twitter: Businesses continue to struggle with #IT continuity.  Here’s how @VeritasTechCo has your back: #vtaspart
Linkedin: Predictability, automation and simplicity: three key benefits your organization will gain when adopting the Veritas Technologies Corporations’ Resiliency Platform. Learn more:

The world of data is changing – Veritas helps make sense of it all
Twitter: More than 2/3rds of stored #enterprise data is worthless. Here's how @veritastechco is making it valuable: #vtaspart
Twitter: #DYK By 2020 there will be more than 44 #zettabytes of data in the world: @veritastechco #vtaspart
Linkedin: Data continues to collect in waves and many companies drown in excess information. Allow Veritas Technologies Corporation to manage high volumes of data: 
Linkedin: With the ever-increasing amount of data, organizations must focus on their information to complement next-generation infrastructure deployments. Veritas Technologies Corporation’s approach involves three key steps to battle the overflow of data:

Backup & Recovery

Appliances Spectrum Video (video)
Twitter: Are you getting value out of your data center? Learn about @veritastechco converged #infrastructure: #vtaspart
Linkedin: Achieve optimal value and efficiency in your data center with a converged infrastructure. Discover how Veritas Technologies Corporation can help:

NBU 7.7 Video Teaser (video)
Twitter: In an #IT world of order vs. chaos, where does your #data stand? Let @veritastechco add structure: #vtaspart
Linkedin: Mounting data can lead to very large problems for companies who rely on the importance of their information. Enlist in the backup leader to bring structure to unorganized data:

Information Availability

Software-Defined Architecture landing page (link)
Twitter: Concentrate on what’s important, lower costs and make decisions on #infostorage with @veritastechco: #vtaspart
Linkedin: Veritas Technologies Corporation exists to empower you with solutions to help lower costs, mitigate risks and make decisions on information storage:

InfoScale: Continuing the Legacy of Application Availability and Storage Management Innovation (blog)
Twitter: Do more with info: meet business #continuity & #data storage needs with @veritastechco's InfoScale. Details: #vtaspart
Linkedin: As an integrated portfolio of solutions, Veritas Technologies Corporation’s InfoScale will provide enterprises with agility, heightened performance and efficiency. Learn more:

Veritas Information Map Data Sheet (link)
Twitter: Unlock visibility in data by using InfoMap. Here’s how @Veritastech can help you with #infogov decisions. #vtaspart
Linkedin: Navigate your data visually with Veritas Technologies Corporation’s InfoMap. See the key features here: :

Information Governance

Gartner Market Guide for File Analysis Software (link)
Twitter: #UnstructuredData on your mind? This @Gartner_inc report will help evaluate unanswered questions via @veritastechco: #vtaspart
Linkedin: Unstructured data on your mind? The Gartner Market Guide on File Analysis Software will evaluate some of those unanswered questions surrounding information governance and highlight how Veritas Technologies Corporation can help:

Veritas Debuts Information Map to Visualize your Data Beautifully (blog)
Twitter: Need a road map to untangle the web of #data? @veritastechco is here to help businesses gain info insights: #vtaspart
Linkedin: Visualize your company’s data in a whole new light with Veritas Technologies Corporation’s Information Map:

Infogov eBook (link)
Twitter: With more than 40% growth, #information explosion is an understatement. Control your data w/ @veritastechco: #vtaspart
Linkedin: Information explosion is now an understatement and organizations must employ powerful solutions to fight the ever-increasing data curve. Here’s how Veritas Technologies Corporation can help:

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