Veritas Customer and Partner Engagement Program

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What is the Customer and Partner Engagement Program?

An important part of delivering new, innovative, solutions to our customers is ensuring we have strong engagement during the design and development of these solutions.

End result is that we deliver solutions that truly solve our customers & partners’ needs better than anyone else!!!

Our new Customer & Partner Engagement Program provides an opportunity for you to get involved and influence features so that they work the way that you need them to.

This program is in place to allow for ongoing participation in agile sprint reviews, concept validation sessions, research interviews, and usability testing.  These initiatives are driven by Veritas product teams and allow you to have early access to products and features while helping shape their future development.


We need your feedback now!

New development processes allow us to deliver new product features to you quicker than ever before, but we need more participants.

We’re looking for participants that have expertise in the following areas:


How do I participate?

Following are the different formats in which you can participate:


How do I benefit from CPEP? What’s in it for me?

By joining CPEP you get to:

  • Directly impact features and capabilities in products that you already use, or products that you are considering for the future.
  • Preview the product and provide feedback before the product is released.
  • Speak directly with Product Managers, Product Owners, and Engineering teams.
  • Establish a relationship with our teams. They want to meet you!
  • Let your voice and Experiences be heard.
  • Earn incentives based on your participation.


Join CPEP!

After we receive your completed registration form, we will get in touch to discuss the best participation format based on your profile and the programs that are available.

Thank you!

Customer and Partner Engagement Team


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