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Veritas Enablement Events

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Registration now open for six Veritas enablement events in January including:

1: Veritas Enablement Update - 13th Jan
An opportunity for channel leaders & cross functional champions to:
1: Explore your Opportunity with the Program Infomercial & Opportunity Forecast
2: Enable your Capability with Learn Central & Live Enablement Events
3: Empower your performance with the GRID

2: VTA IA: Infoscale Secrets - 14th Jan
An opportunity for presales & technical champions to learn about some of the least talked about features of the InfoScale product that actually make the product very attractive to your customers.  Doug Snyder will explain what some of these features are, why you should talk about them and how they are different from what customers get with native tools.

3: VTA B&R: Velocity - 15th Jan
An opportunity for presales & technical champions to discover how Veritas Velocity will enable your customers to handle changing demands and provide end users the access they need, when and where they need it.

4: VSA B&R: Forward Thinking Backup & EMC Competitive - 18th Jan
A double feature opportunity for sales & presales champions to explore:

The Most Forward Thinking Backup
KNOW:  How to tell the new “story” of our Backup and Recovery campaign called The Most Forward Thinking Backup.  
DO: Use the content to open customer conversations.

EMC Avamar Competitive 
KNOW:  How to combat EMC Avamar’s “Simplicity” story with the competitive advantages of NetBackup and NBU Appliances.    
DO: Increase pipeline for both Netbackup Software and NBU Appliances by displacing more Avamar Beachheads.

5: VSA IG: Enterprise Vault 12 & Financial Solutions - 19th Jan
A double feature opportunity for sales & presales champions to explore:

Enterprise Vault 12 – New Launch
KNOW: How to articulate the value of our latest Enterprise Vault 12 launch and what it means for your customers.    
DO: Deliver higher impact archiving and retention conversations to your customers.  

Veritas Financial Solutions Overview
KNOW:  How to position your opportunity in terms that resonate with the Financial Decision Makers and influence the decision process within your customer organization 
DO: Increase account penetration and likelihood of closing by understanding not only the operational drivers of your customer but also the financial ones.

6: VTA II: eDiscovery Roadmap - 20th Jan:
An opportunity for presales & technical champions to Join us as Mat Beer provides a roadmap update for the eDiscovery Platform.

Review the schedule and register online at:

Access the webinar replays and VSE, VSE+ & VCS eLearning via our PartnerNet Training page at:

We look forward to meeting you online and helping you engage, enable & grow your information management business in partnership with Veritas.

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