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Want to Save on Big Storage $$$ Using Veritas DATA INSIGHT?

Want to Save on Big Storage $$$ Using Veritas DATA INSIGHT?


As a Backup Admin it has become very common to save everything without understanding the need and utility for it and I won’t put blame entirely on backup Admin as they don’t have the tools or in some cases are not provided with which they can intelligently segregate the data according to its importance.

                                                   As a company as you save more information you want to make sure that its value increases over a period of time. This is where Data Insight comes into play and as the name suggests it gives insight into your data. Data which is duplicate, data which has not been accessed for long time, data which is stale. And based on the built in reporting tools within Data Insight you can take business decision to move it from primary to secondary storage, archive it or may be completely eliminate it. This is where Dark Data analysis comes into play.

                              Data Insight usage is not limited to this. If you are dealing with highly regulated industry such as government, financial sector compliance is very important. With DI in place it can give you information about who is accessing what information, what action they are performing on it and it can generate live alerts for you. It also works with some other products such as Symantec DLP which can help prevent theft of data as well Enterprise Vault with which you can archive data right from the management console of DI.

Check my video on Dark Data Assessment: