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Posted on Oct 15, 2018

EP76: Microsoft Inspire: Adding Value to Microsoft Partners with Veritas Appliances

In this Voice of Veritas podcast episode, Roger Stein, Solutions Marketing, Veritas, interviews Eric Seidman, Director, ...

Posted on Oct 10, 2018

EP75: Microsoft Inspire: BackupExec integration with Azure

Mikko Nykyri, Product Manager, Veritas, interviews Sujay Talasila, Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft, at Microsoft Inspire discussing the Veritas BackupExec and Microsoft partner...

Posted on Oct 8, 2018

EP74: VMworld: Self-Service Data Protection for a Virtual Environment

The trend in the industry is self-service for data protection. Pamela Kerman, Solutions Marketing Manager, Veritas, inte...

Posted on Oct 8, 2018

EP73: VMworld: Agility and Speed with the Veritas and Pure Storage Partnership

How does Veritas fit into the Pure Storage portfolio? Tune in as Sama Bali, Solutions Marketing Manager, Veritas, interv...

Posted on Oct 3, 2018

EP72: VMworld: Debuting the Veritas User Experience with NetBackup 8.1.2

Glen Simon, Solutions Marketing Manager, Veritas, interviews Killian Evers, VP Customer Experience, Veritas at VMworld a...

Posted on Oct 3, 2018

EP71: VMworld: Keeping Data Management Simple

Pamela Kerman, Solutions Marketing Manager, Veritas, interviews Virgil Dobos, Solutions Architect, Virtech LLC, at VMworld as they discuss keeping data management Simple. Tune...

Posted on Oct 3, 2018

EP70: VMworld: Demystifying the cloud with the AWS and Veritas partnership

Veritas and AWS are integrated in multiple dimensions such as the integration around NetBackup, Backup Exec as well as V...

Posted on Oct 3, 2018

EP69: VMworld: Take Back Your Weekends with Resiliency Platform

Don’t spend your weekends in the data center. Find out how you can take back your weekends with Veritas Resiliency Platform. Tune in to this podcast with Joann Starke and Bob...

Posted on Oct 3, 2018

EP68: VMworld: The Benefits of Virtual Appliances

NetBackup virtual appliances bring all the benefits of a turnkey NetBackup appliance, along with the flexibility and economies of a virtual environment. Tune in to hear more f...

Posted on Oct 3, 2018

EP67: VMworld: Cloud in the Enterprise Data Center with Veritas and Nutanix

Cloud has changed the expectation of IT. What used to take hours, now takes minutes. The expectation is speed to get app...

Posted on Oct 2, 2018

EP66: NetBackup and CloudPoint Integration for Snapshot Management

Sama Bali, Solutions Marketing Manager, Veritas, interviews Suchintya Dandapat, Product Management, Veritas and discuss ...

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

EP65: What’s New In NetBackup Appliance 3.1.2

With the latest release of NetBackup 8.1.2, we have a companion release of NetBackup Appliance Software 3.1.2 that offers three new capabilities and features. Tune in to learn...

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

EP64: Easily Upgrade to NetBackup 8.1.2 with NetBackup and Flex Appliances

Roger Stein, Solutions Marketing, Veritas, interviews Abrar Hussain, Director, Product Management, Veritas, explore the ...

Posted on Sep 20, 2018

EP63: ESG Discussion: How modern storage solutions allow you to do more with your data

In this podcast, Biswajit Mishra, Solutions Marketing, Veritas, sits down with Scott Sinclair, Sr. Analyst, Enterprise S...

Posted on Sep 13, 2018

EP62: The Access Appliance: Flexibility of Software Defined Storage and Appliance Ease of Use

Why is Veritas offering a storage appliance for long term retention? Customers need the flexibility of software-defined ...

Posted on Sep 5, 2018

EP61: Microsoft Inspire: Unlock the value of the Veritas and Azure Partnership

How can you unlock the value of the Veritas and Azure partnership? Tune in and find out what Ralph Wynn, Solutions Archi...

Posted on Aug 29, 2018

EP60: Microsoft Inspire: Protecting Office 365

How can customers can back up their SaaS applications, such as Office 365 with Veritas SaaS Backup? Tune in to the #VoiceOfVtas podcast to learn more:

Posted on Aug 29, 2018

EP59: Microsoft Inspire: Navigating data privacy regulations

Phil and Shawn discuss the Veritas Digital Compliance Solutions and how they help customers attain, achieve and maintain compliance with emerging privacy regulations.Tune in t...

Posted on Aug 29, 2018

EP58: Data Protection from the Remote Office to the Cloud with NetBackup Virtual Appliances

Explore NetBackup Virtual Appliances and the addition of the NetBackup CloudCatalyst and Master Server Virtual Appliance...

Posted on Aug 22, 2018

EP57: ESG Discussion: IT Transformation and Leveraging the Power of Data

In this episode of the Voice of Veritas podcast, host Biswajit Mishra, Solutions Marketing, Veritas, sits down with Scot...

Posted on Aug 22, 2018

EP56: Microsoft Inspire: Partnership dedicated to data protection

Veritas and Microsoft join forces partnering together to help customers moving to the cloud. Tune in for perspectives on...

Posted on Aug 21, 2018

EP55: Top 5 reasons for upgrading to NetBackup 8.1.2

With the new release of NetBackup 8.1.2. you can reduce the time spent on your daily backup management tasks and free up your time to drive innovation within your organization...

Posted on Aug 21, 2018

EP54: The New User Experience: Highlights of NetBackup 8.1.2

The new NetBackup user experience has arrived! Tune in for the latest on NetBackup 8.1.2. Learn more at

Posted on Aug 13, 2018

EP53: Resiliency vs. Disaster Recovery what’s your approach?

Clifford Barcliff, Evangelist, Datacenter Resiliency, Veritas shares what's exciting about Veritas Resiliency Platform live from the Veritas booth at Microsoft Inspire.

Posted on Jul 27, 2018

EP52: Microsoft Inspire: The perfect partnership with Microsoft, Insight and Veritas

Migrating data to Azure? Tune in and find out why Kent Christensen, Practice Director Virtualization and Cloud, Insight....

Posted on Jul 17, 2018

EP51: Using the 3 Elements of Outstanding Design to Improve the User Experience

Applying the 3 elements of outstanding design principles into enterprise software creates a world class user experience....

Posted on Jul 16, 2018

EP50: The State of the Tech World

Digital Experience continues to be a top topic for CIOs and across organizations. Zoe Sands, Sr. Marketing Manager, Veritas, discusses what’s top of mind for CIO’s with Jason...

Posted on Jul 12, 2018

EP49: Taking a Strategic Approach to Global Data Privacy

There are growing data privacy challenges that IT leaders are facing today with the uptick in data privacy regulations globally (GDPR, Poppy, KVKK, etc.). How can you understa...

Posted on Jul 9, 2018

EP48: Protecting Data Against Ransomware

In this podcast Peter Grimmond discusses what it takes to safeguard your organisation's data, how you can prevent a Ransomware attack shutting down your operations by sharing...

Posted on Jul 5, 2018

EP47: What's it like working at Veritas? #LifeAtVeritas

What makes Veritas a technology leader and a great place to work? Caroline Garrett, Marketing Director, Northern Region, Veritas, shares thoughts on the beauty of Veritas. As...


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