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Announcing General Availability of the New NetBackup 5340 Appliance


5340-CN-PrimaryShelf-NormalView-HI-RES.jpgThe NetBackup 5340 Appliance is designed to address the enormous growth of data and the most aggressive backup and recovery objectives in large data centers.

The performance and capacity of the 5340 give it street cred to take on the toughest workloads:

  • Greater than 35TB/hr media server deduplication throughput is possible with our optimized software utilizing latest Intel optimizations and twice the memory from the previous generation 5330 appliance
  • Double the performance again to nearly 60 TB/hr with the new high availability (HA)
  • Maximum capacity of 1.92 PB of usable storage for the largest workloads
  • Usable capacity starts at 120TB and can scale in manageable increments to almost 2PB allowing a “right for me solution”

The NetBackup 5340 appliance offers much more than just high capacity and high performance; it is an optimized integration of NetBackup software and hardware. This means it can be quickly deployed, provides stellar performance, and plays a significant role in reducing operation costs. It is a complete solution.

The high availability configuration (HA) nearly doubles throughput and provides high performance backup, replication and recovery combined with unbeatable uptime without compromising features. Active-active HA reduces planned and unplanned downtime to nearly zero with two media servers running in parallel. The appliance remains fully operational during upgrade and maintenance operations since one media server can be taken off-line and maintained, while the other keeps running. Reduced downtime equals reduced operational costs.

Veritas optimizes the integration of NetBackup software and appliance hardware to ensure the NetBackup 5340 operates at the highest levels of performance. The design team did extensive testing with a wide variety of workloads to identify and eliminate performance bottle-necks. All components including disk drives, network interface controllers and power supplies undergo extensive validation for optimal performance right out of the box.

The NetBackup 5340 is designed to take on the most demanding workloads in large data centers. The latest Intel optimizations, increased memory and optimized integration provide world class throughput. High availability configurations reduce downtime to almost zero and nearly double performance.

With the new NetBackup 5340 Appliance from Veritas, organizations can achieve world-class data management that combines the simplicity and elegance of an appliance with the power and scalability of Veritas NetBackup.

To learn more about the NetBackup 5340 Appliance listen to this Voice of Veritas podcast with Ahmad Siddiqui, the design manager of the appliance, and visit the NetBackup Appliance Family page on