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Big data requires big protection

Big data.  Internet of things (IoT).  Unstructured data.  Scale-out.  We hear these phrases more and more each day as companies large and small are trying their best to figure out how to harness the potentially many golden nuggets of valuable information hidden within.  And many companies are now running buisiness-critical workloads, especially analytics packages, on their big data.  A growing big data workload is Hadoop with its related HBase and Cassandra data bases.  As the fastest growing type of data by far, big data workloads now require the same scrutiny, protection, and management as the "classic" structured data bases like Oracle, SQL, DB2 and others.

Given that more and more organizations are now relying on their big data, enterprise-grade backup and recovery for big data workloads like Hadoop has become table-stakes for large-scale deployment.  However, a new challenge has emerged -- traditional data protection methods that have served large, monolithic "scale up" workloads well for the past two decades now fall short when it comes to protecting these fast-growing "scale out" big data workloads.  In essence, big data workloads like Hadoop which uses a clustering technology to rapidly furnish more resources as needed require a similar scale-out data protection mechanism to avoid harsh performance bottlenecks and to meet constituent group SLAs.  That's where NetBackup Parallel Streaming comes in.

NetBackup Parallel Streaming currently supports Hadoop and other scale out workloads via an easy to implement plug-in model, which means organizations can take immediate advantage of the technology as long as they are running NetBackup 8.1 or later.  With a breakthrough scale out streaming architecture, NetBackup with Parallel Streaming is the data protection technology designed specifically for big data and other scale out architectures like Nutanix hyperconverged.

NBU Parallel Streaming.PNG

As fast as it is currently growing, it's still the very early days for big data.  Which makes it vital that as it becomes more mainstream, organizations must protect it as efficiently as possible while scaling in lockstep with its growth.  With NetBackup Parallel Streaming, you can adopt big data workloads with full confidence that those golden nuggests of key information are protected, with enterprise-grade quality and scalability.

You can learn more about NetBackup Parallel Streaming here .