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Cloud Scale with NetBackup 10 and Amazon Web Services

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GettyImages-1384950048-lr.jpg NetBackup 10, powered by Veritas Cloud Scale Technology, is the industry's first cloud-optimized, at-scale data protection solution that delivers a more cost-effective, secure, and sustainable cloud with automated, elastic operations. 

Cloud Scale Technology creates the foundation not only for the new features delivered in NetBackup 10, but for Veritas’ strategy to transform data protection by delivering Autonomous Data Management. Veritas is planning for a future where its technology is able to autonomously provision, optimize and repair data management services, while empowering end-users to enable self-service data protection and recovery, freeing up IT staff to focus on strategic and transformational activity.

Lower TCO through cloud-optimization

NetBackup's leading cloud dedupe services and Elastic Cloud Backup from Snapshots using the new Amazon EBS direct API integration can reduce cloud storage costs by up to 95 percent. This efficiency is achieved by directly reading an EBS snapshot (rather than first restoring it to a VM), and automatically scaling multiple NetBackup data movers to make a deduplicated backup copy for long-term retention.  The cost-optimized backup copy can be stored on an S3 tier that delivers appropriate performance and economics to match the business requirements of the workload.

Elastic Cloud Auto-Scaling in NetBackup 10 factors in up to 40% savings in Amazon compute instances. The code efficiency of NetBackup’s new Cloud Scale technology derives another 10% reduction in cloud compute resources.

Improved storage space and memory utilization for cloud dedupe in NetBackup 10, further reduces the cost of cloud storage and computing.

Support for Amazon EKS and all major Kubernetes distributions

With support for all major Kubernetes distributions, NetBackup 10 now provides multi-cloud, cross-platform recovery, allowing users to quickly recover their data to any Kubernetes distribution in cloud or on-premises.

NetBackup 10 also enhances support for Amazon Outposts with validated support for Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) on Amazon Outposts.

AI-Driven Anomaly Detection

NetBackup’s already powerful, AI-driven anomaly detection now automatically initiates malware scanning to provide content-aware, granular flexibility for rapidly restoring clean data.

FIPS Certified Security

NetBackup 10 provides enhanced cloud security through enhanced FIPS-certified encryption for both in-transit and at-rest data, along with updated encryption infrastructure.

Simplified Deployment

NetBackup 10 introduces simplified deployment from Amazon Marketplace with streamlined Amazon Machine Image (AMI) deployment.

NetBackup 10 represents a significant milestone as we redefine data protection and management for the next decade by providing the industry's first AI-powered autonomous data management solution delivered on an elastic, multi-cloud optimized platform.

NetBackup 10 is available now!

Ready to upgrade or renew Veritas NetBackup? Contact your preferred Veritas Channel Partner or Veritas Account Manager today to discuss your options, and be sure to ask them how Veritas subscription can support your digital transformation. If you're unsure who to contact, email our Customer Care team or request a call from our Sales Team. New to NetBackup? Download the latest version of Veritas NetBackup from our trialware page to test the best-in-class enterprise backup and recovery.