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Cohasset Associates Confirms NetBackup Immutability

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Veritas NetBackup is designed to help customers strengthen their resiliency in the face of the unknown and the unexpected—an economic crisis, a global pandemic, shifting regulations, malware and ransomware are all top of mind. An immutable solution is as important now as it will be in the future to keep your data secure and protected from malicious threats. The solution must be immutable and indelible, ensuring the data cannot be changed—encrypted or deleted—for a specified length of time. Given increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, you must develop and maintain a reliable resiliency strategy.

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 5.40.07 PM.pngAt Veritas, we work with customers to develop a holistic, multi-layered, and comprehensive strategy. Our Enterprise Data Services Platform is a comprehensive set of innovative technologies in a single, unified platform to help you protect IT systems and data integrity, detect by monitoring and mitigating, and recover quickly with automation and orchestration. NetBackup, with the Flex Operating Environment, provides an immutable solution that has been assessed by Cohasset Associates, a highly respected consulting firm with more than 40 years of experience and knowledge related to the legal, technical, and operational issues associated with regulated records management. Specifically, Cohasset confirms NetBackup meets:

  • SEC 17a-4 and FINRA 4511c, which regulates exchange members and brokers.
  • CFTC 17 1.32, which regulates commodity futures trading.

When considering the protect step of your strategy, using write once, read many (WORM) storage ensures data on storage devices is secure and protected. Cohasset Associates evaluated NetBackup's capabilities against compliance regulations and showcased how NetBackup with WORM-capable storage meets the requirements. NetBackup WORM capability is vendor-agnostic and will run on devices with immutable storage. A NetBackup 5340 or 5150 Appliance from Veritas running the Flex Operating Environment is a hardened solution with immutable storage that prevents access to backup data by any malicious invaders. We cover our customers with hardened solutions while also securely protecting their most important asset—their data.

To dive in and read the assessment, visit

We are investing in resiliency and are proud to announce this assessment. At Veritas, we provide the solutions that empower our customers with the right tools to be confident in their resiliency strategy.

To learn more about how we ensure ransomware resiliency with our Enterprise Data Services Platform, read our white paper at