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Comprehensive 360 Data Management is now better than ever

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At Veritas, we believe that effective, efficient, and economical data management can enable organizations to enjoy extensive data visibility, data protection, compliance readiness, data portability, and business continuity while minimizing storage costs.

Since the introduction of Veritas 360 Data Management Suite barely four months ago, its popularity has surged. While we were convinced of the Suite’s strong value when we released it, we underestimated how much the Suite would appeal to IT organizations wrestling with their data management challenges. Not only that, but many of our customers upgraded from Veritas NetBackup to the Suite to benefit from the additional visibility and compliance readiness that it provides, at a smaller incremental cost than purchasing Enterprise Vault and Information Map separately along with NetBackup.

With newly-released versions of NetBackup, Information Map, Resiliency Platform, and other Veritas technologies, it’s time to incorporate those technologies into version 2.0 of the 360 Data Management Suite. This new version of the Suite is now generally available and delivers peerless capabilities to manage data almost anywhere on virtually any platform.

Bronze Edition: Advancing Data Visibility, Protection, and Compliance
The Bronze edition of 360 Data Management Suite leverages backup, archiving, and file analysis technologies to ensure your information is visible, protected, and remains compliant with legal, accounting, and regulatory requirements. With many of these enhancements announced at the Veritas Vision conference, version 2.0 of 360 Data Management Suite introduces many new capabilities in the Bronze edition:

  • NetBackup 8.1 introduces superior cloud deduplication capabilities with NetBackup CloudCatalyst and revolutionary scale-out data protection performance with NetBackup Parallel Streaming to tackle your Big Data and hyper-converged workloads.
  • Information Map adds visibility to more than 20 new data sources, helping customers get a complete picture of their data estate to make better decisions about what data to retain, migrate, or delete, and assist in achieving compliance with data regulations such as GDPR.

Silver Edition: Bringing Data Portability and Resiliency to Microsoft Azure
The Silver edition of the 360 Data Management Suite, along with all the capabilities of the Bronze edition, brings advanced resiliency, recovery orchestration, and workload migration technologies to ensure your data and applications will endure major outages and can be freely moved or migrated to other locations when necessary, including to clouds and between clouds. Introduced at Veritas Vision, version 2.0 of 360 Data Management brings new levels of data portability and business continuity in the Silver edition:

  • Resiliency Platform 3.0 extends its capabilities to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, providing disaster recovery and workload portability using Microsoft Azure as a workload platform. This extends the existing capabilities that already exist for AWS. Large-scale recovery, cost-effective resiliency, and simple cloud migration are just some of the benefits this solution provides.

Gold Edition: Scale-Out Storage for the Cloud
The Gold edition, along with the capabilities of the Silver and Bronze editions, provides additional technology to build a software-defined, scale-out NAS that includes both on-premises and cloud storage to allow data to be located optimally for price and performance, and provides advanced copy data management to reduce copy sprawl and accelerate access to data copies. Version 2.0 of 360 Data Management Suite extends software-defined storage to more clouds with the Gold edition:

  • Access 7.3 incorporates Microsoft Azure into its cloud capabilities, allowing storage to be tiered all the way to the cloud. Data can be automatically placed on-premises or in the cloud based on pre-defined policies.
  • Velocity 2.8 advances its copy data management capabilities by allowing a user to instantly provision copies from NetBackup images or directly from supported databases, and manage the retention of that data through Velocity’s web interface. Oracle database administrators (DBA’s) can now use Velocity to instantly stand up a copy of their databases on a production database server.

Comprehensive Data Management in One Package
Veritas 360 Data Management is the most extensive data management solution in the industry, covering all six requirements of a sound data management strategy including data visibility, data protection, compliance readiness, data portability, business continuity, and storage optimization. In addition to the all-encompassing technologies included, the Suite provides the additional benefits of:

  • Integration – many integrations have been incorporated into the design and additionally all products are tested for interoperability.
  • Simple licensing – all products within the Suite are licensed based on the number of terabytes managed, making it easy to size, grow, and track your deployment.
  • Superior value – priced at a discount when compared to the list prices of individual products, the Suite provides a better value.
  • Subscription pricing – pay as you go with a subscription pricing model, eliminating the up-front capital expense and making it easy to adapt to changing demands.

If you haven’t checked out the 360 Data Management Suite yet, now is definitely the time.