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Data Access Implications - Short 6 Question Survey

Over the last year I’ve seen several research reports that confirm the cost of copy data comes at a high price - the main and most obvious cost is storage, but that doesn't mean copies of data are bad. What I haven't seen though is research on the downstream implications of waiting for copies of data. For example, what does it mean if you have to wait for a day, a week or even longer to access the data you need? So I’ve put together a short 6 question survey and I would love to hear from you. Let me know how long it currently takes you to access data and the effects it has on the rest of your team, project, or organization. I will share the results with you (via a blog on VOX) in a few weeks’ time so you can see how you stack up compared to the other respondents. 

You can access the survey here:

Best, Kate