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Deliver Operational Efficiency and End-To-End Resilience with NetBackup Flex 2.1

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NetBackup Flex delivers operation efficiency, end-to-end resilience, and increased return on investment.

The latest release, Flex Appliance 2.1, includes enhanced ransomware resilience with an immutable, zero trust-based architecture, conforming to the latest cyber resilience & compliance standards, provides full support for SAN-based backups, and helps you achieve an end to end operational efficiency by enabling centralized management.


The Veritas NetBackup Flex Appliance family delivers seamless deployments, workload consolidation, enterprise resilience, and agile performance. With robust systems and hardware integrations, you can get started with your NetBackup data protection in minutes with integrated system automations that reduce common infrastructure complexities. NetBackup Flex Appliances allow you to manage various deployments with a single unified interface to reduce data center footprint, simplify IT management, and optimize storage performance with AI/ML testing. With Veritas Netbackup Flex appliances, you get built-in ransomware recovery of business-critical data—at any scale—with near-zero RPO and RTO. Zero trust architecture ensures ransomware prevention and protection with immutable storage, retrieve stolen data with cryptographic-based security (FIPS 140-2 Standard), meets compliance needs with Cohasset Associates-approved governance, and performs policy-based retention blocks. Veritas NetBackup Flex Appliances software is the best one-stop-shop solution, allowing you to store data from over 800 different data sources and over 60 cloud storage targets, all with a single platform. NetBackup Media Server Deduplication Pool Cloud Tier (MSDP-C) enables you to back up and restore data from cloud Storage as a Service (STaaS) vendors. NetBackup Flex Appliances increase return on investment by integrating with Veritas NetInsights and Appliance management systems.

What’s new in Flex 2.1 release:

  • Zero trust architecture
    • Full FIPS compliance at appliance layer
    • STIG OS checklist, STIG OS Cat I, STIG OS Cat II/III, STIG ASD checklist, and STIG compliant disk partitioning
    • Log Forwarding
    • External Certificate Authority (ECA) based auth 
    • Customizable login banner
    • Secure mode support for Active Directory
  • Remote management using Appliance Management Server (AMS) and Published APIs
  • Platform convergence across Flex and Flex scale with a common Flex shell interface for better supportability and customer experience
  • Easier Manageability
    • Simplified firmware update mechanism in Web UI
    • Simplified NetBackup EEB Management
    • on-schedule and on hardware failure events, 
    • Upgrade readiness
  • Improved monitoring, Reporting, and integration with Enterprise monitoring infrastructure by,
    • Enabling third-party monitoring dashboards (e.g., Grafana, Nagios)
    • Veritas NetInsights Integration for Flex cluster appliance support
    • Easy configuration for alerting mechanisms such as SNMP, SMTP, and call-home

Rather than relying on complex and costly data protection environments consisting of many converged or single-function backup, data deduplication, cloud tiering, and storage silos spread across the enterprise, Veritas NetBackup Flex Appliances offer a solution that provides operation efficiency, end to end resiliency, and optimized integration to deliver enterprise-wide data protection services on demand.  

Flex 2.1 delivers feature parity with NetBackup Appliance product family, improves its support for NBU workloads, and delivers all-around improvement in enterprise readiness, easier management, serviceability, monitoring, reporting, and manageability. Learn more at: