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Double the Capacity, Double the Benefits!

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Veritas announces the NetBackup 5330 Appliance doubles capacity! With NetBackup Appliance Software Release 2.7.1, customers are able to double their usable capacity and their deduplication pool size to 458TB. The NetBackup 5330 was introduced in March 2015 to address customer's need for high performance, enterprise scalable capacity, and resiliency. In only 7 months it is already doubling capacity! 

Why Double the Capacity? 

Veritas is delivering double capacity, both usable storage capacity and deduplication pool size, every 12 to 18 months. This commitment ensures customers are investing in a product that will protect them by meeting their immediate and long-term data growth requirements. Through the use of larger capacity disk drives and supporting a second storage expansion shelve, the NetBackup 5330 has enterprise scale from 114TB to 458TB. The usable capacity may support either deduplicated data, or non-deduplicated data (aka Advanced Disk in Veritas NetBackup speak). NetBackup provides the flexibility of deduplicating data at either the source or target, giving customers the flexibility to maximize their resource utilization, whether it is at the client server or target.   

Double the Savings!

With the expanded capacity, the NetBackup 5330 is able to expand and increase its environmental savings. In my previous blog, NetBackup 5330 Appliance: Leading the Pack on Environmental Efficiency!, I highlighted how it addresses the data center challenges of floor space, power & cooling, and is the only Energy Star certified integrated backup appliance. Well, Veritas has upped its game again. While the capacity has doubled, the size and power requirements remain the same. This means the NetBackup 5330 is 100% more efficient than before.

NetBackup 5330 Comparison


Usable Capacity* (TB)


Total Rack Space Units (RSU)


Total Power (Watts) - Typical





Watts Per TB



NetBackup 5330 - 229TB






New NetBackup 5330 – 458TB expanded capacity






Greater Efficiency






                      * Base2.  (i.e. 1TB = 1,099,511,627,776 bytes).

Bottom line; a customer can get twice the capacity in the same amount of rack space without increasing power & cooling. A double win! 

But wait, there’s more!

There are several other key features in the NetBackup Appliance software release;  

  • NetBackup Copilot for Oracle; revolutionizes backup and recovery of Oracle databases. This solution combines industry-leading NetBackup software and NetBackup appliance hardware to deliver breakthrough performance within a self-service model. DBAs manage backup and recovery while backup administrators manage storage and retention policies. Find additional details on the NetBackup and NetBackup Appliance Release page.

  • NetBackup Accelerator for NDMP; extends the Accelerator feature to protect NAS systems via the NDMP protocol. Full backup times are reduced to a fraction of what they would normally be (up to 35 times faster than regular full backup times). This feature initially supports NetApp filers and will be extended to other NAS products in the future.

  • For additional NetBackup 7.7 features, check out Veritas NetBackupTM 7.7 Reasons to Upgrade.

NetBackup 5330 addresses the challenges organizations face in reducing operating and capital expenditures. Now with its double capacity, it extends even further into the enterprise to deliver greater benefits and investment protection.