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Enhance Security and Operation Efficiency with NetBackup Flex Appliance 2.1.1

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NetBackup Flex Appliance provides you with a fast, resilient, and cost-effective data protection infrastructure. With NetBackup Flex Appliances, you can create new NetBackup deployments in minutes tailored to meet specific business unit needs. NetBackup Flex 2.1.1 release further enhances security and improves operational efficiency.

NetBackup Flex 2.1.1 release.png

Key Features  

  • Oracle incremental merge with Universal Shares
    • Protect Oracle databases and achieve operational efficiency by eliminating primary storage arrays with Universal Shares. 
  • Instant Access with immutable and indelible WORM storage server
    • Maintain business continuity or minimize downtime with instant access to business-critical data on the WORM storage server in case of a cyber-attack.
  • Isolated Recovery Environment
    • Create a safe air-gapped zone within your environment to protect, detect & recover data in case of a cyber-attack.
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
    • Integrate with Flex appliances & seamlessly use OpenLDAP servers to authenticate & authorize users.
  • Enhanced logging
    • Enable your organization for auditing.
    • Improve your support experiences by helping Veritas Support understand the commands ran on the Flex Appliance for troubleshooting purposes.
  • PKI CAC compliance
    • Enhanced security posture allowing multi-factor authentication with common access cards to access Flex appliances. 

Flex Appliance Air Gap for NetBackup Isolated Recovery Environment

Flex Appliance now includes an air gap solution for NetBackup WORM storage server instances version 16.0 and later. You can configure an isolated recovery environment to restrict network access to the protected data except during the timeframe when data replication occurs. This air gap helps to protect against ransomware and malware. For more information, see NBU Flex Appliance Isolated Environment Isolation Guide and a Flex Appliance AirGap Solution demo.

LDAP User Login and Smart Card Authentication

NetBackup Flex has the capability of importing users from a remote AD server with Open LDAP protocol. You can seamlessly authenticate and authorize users with a global entry LDAP integration.

After you configure Flex Appliance to connect to a remote AD server and import remote users and groups, you can also enable a smart card to enable multi-factor authentication. The smart cards allow user authentication with cryptographic keys, the keys are encrypted with a unique ID to enhance the security posture. Check out this demo showing how to configure and use smart cards with Flex Appliances.

LDAP User Login and Smart Card Authentication.png

Enhanced Logging

Log forwarding provides many benefits and can be used for compliance management, redundancy, data and operational analytics, centralized monitoring, and reviewing threat behaviors and long-term patterns.

Universal Share for Oracle Incremental Merge Oracle

With Universal Share for Oracle Incremental merge, Oracle customers get full backups at the cost of an incremental which minimizes the backup window and network overhead. The backups and snapshot generation are fully automated. The incremental backups are merged to create a new full. Recovery is available using instant access which mounts the recovery point for immediate access.

Instant Access to WORM storage

During a cyber-attack, organizations need to restore the data fast. Instant access to WORM storage enables you to restore your data instantly by creating a snapshot of your WORM storage backup images. You can make changes to the instant access copy data and keep your WORM storage backup images intact.

As a NetBackup Flex customer with current maintenance and support, you can upgrade to this new release free of charge. For more information, check Flex Appliances 2.1.1 product document.