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Enterprise data in the cloud requires enterprise-class protection


For many modern enterprises, hybrid IT solutions provide the most effective, efficient means of managing and protecting mounting data stores. In a hybrid IT environment, data is stored both on-premises and with a private or public cloud solution, like IBM Cloud.

The benefits are clear
The benefits of hybrid cloud are clear, with improved agility and flexibility encouraging many businesses to adopt these dynamic solutions. As a result, many IT leaders are letting workloads dictate infrastructure requirements, not the other way around—and many modern workloads are well suited to hybrid cloud solutions.

Data protection must remain top of mind
With a migration to hybrid cloud, the protection of your organization’s data must remain top of mind, especially as data is distributed across multiple platforms and providers.

Just because your data is fragmented doesn’t mean your strategy has to be
As data volume grows and is fragmented across clouds and virtual environments, NetBackup enables a unified data protection strategy, helping your organization deliver required service levels while limiting complexity, cost, and risk.

And the recently announced availability of Veritas NetBackup on IBM Cloud Marketplace makes our industry-leading integrated offerings more accessible than ever before.

Best-in-class tools with Veritas and IBM
Enterprise solutions from Veritas and IBM deliver consistent, best-in-class tools across physical, virtual and cloud environments—providing powerful data protection while maintaining a single, easy-to-use interface and enabling meaningful insights no matter where data resides.

Learn more about Veritas' partnership with IBM.


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