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When I was 14, my family visited relatives in the Bay Area. We planned to go to a local science museum, and on the day of the outting, a friend of the family offered to drive me. It was a beautiful day, though as we reached her car I was struck by its state; the front seat was somewhat accessible, but the entirety of the back seat was full to the roof with books, newspapers, and all manner of items. I was horrified. We ended up being late to the museum, as our friend had to find something in the back of the car, rifling through the piles and piles of information.

Our family friend was a hoarder, and it turns out, many companies practice this same behavior with data.

Customers just like you tell us the most critical and valuable asset they have is data. Look at companies like Airbnb, Lyft, and Uber with limited physical assets – they are leaders based on digital assets, predominately providing value from their information.

Challenges in data management:

  • Your old data center architectures are slow and costly to manage.
  • New environments and workloads are expanding, exacerbating the existing challenge of managing your data.
  • Your plans of cloud adoption can be complex, create new silos, vendor lock-in, and hidden costs. And like our friend, your employees are hoarding information, 69% of which has little business value and no legak ir regulatory value.
  • This is skyrocketing your current and future storage costs.

I think back to when I was 14 and the infamous overloaded car: Why didn’t she keep it clean? Consider these factors:

  • Not enough time.
  • Fear of loss: what if she threw something away that she needed later?
  • No tools to automate the cleaning process, showing her what she needed to keep, could get rid of, and how to store her stuff in the right locations in a thoughtful manner.

Unfortunately for her, Veritas did not have a solution for her car, but we are prepared to help your organization, by:

  • Protecting your information with scale and performance, regardless of where it resides. We help you future proof data protection in physical, virtual, cloud and next-gen or big data workloads;
  • Visualizing and classifying your data. Imagine knowing where your data is, its type, who touched it, and whether it is business-critical or waste – whether you can delete it or must keep it?
  • Managing your organization's storage to reduce cost and enable growth.
  • Helping you automate the migration of data and workloads to the cloud through direct integration with leading public clouds: Azure, AWS, Google, Oracle, IBM. Plus, you can selectively migrate only what you want, when you want, with full visibility of your on-premise and cloud assets.

Imagine the resources available to your business once you address data hoarding. And if you are a partner, consider which of your customers could benefit from having this discussion.

To learn more of Veritas' 360 approach to data management, I invite you to join #TeamVtas at our upcoming Veritas Solution Days scheduled across the globe, beginning October 2018.