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Find out what’s new in Veritas NetInsights Console (System Health Insights)

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With new features being delivered quarterly, NetInsights is constantly expanding and improving, empowering customers to stay ahead of any issues that may arise throughout their appliance lifecycle journey. The latest update to NetInsights Console delivers a wide array of new features and capabilities dramatically expanding customers' ability to maximize system performance while reducing operational risks.  

On February 6th the latest update to NetInsights Console (System Health Insights) became generally available, delivering enhanced monitoring and forecasting capabilities, security and usability improvements, and a brand-new UI experience. Learn more about these new capabilities and how you can begin to take advantage of all that NetInsights Console has to offer.  

New Features Released Feb 6th 

Monitoring and Forecasting:   

  • Streamline upgrades by eliminating pre-upgrade planning demands with the introduction of brand-new Upgrade Insights card with granular drill down to know the appliance readiness for upgradeability including 
  • Recommendations to act on if Appliance is Not Ready 
  • Reduce unplanned downtime by providing upgrade time predictions. 
  • Review detailed Appliance version information including what software version they are running and how old to make informed decisions to upgrade 
  • Introducing new Storage tab with storage utilization and predictive forecasting at cluster/node level for Flex Scale customers 

Security and Usability:   

  • Improve security oversight with audit trail reporting of user activity.  
  • Discover relevant insights with context sensitive help recommendations at every card, widget and page. 

New User Experience  

  • Simplify appliance monitoring with refreshed landing page and intuitive new UI experience. 

If you are an existing appliance customer, you can begin realizing these benefits and more by registering your appliance and activating the Call-Home feature accessible within NetInsights Console. To learn more, see the additional resources below.

Additional Resources 

To register and log in, visit to start viewing your registered system status