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Four reasons to get that "new car" feeling with NetBackup Flex 2


I love the feeling of having a new car. New features and technology increase safety, improve performance, and make the driving experience more fun. I also know that the car has a predictable lifecycle. When it's under warranty, maintenance costs are low. But as time goes on, maintenance costs gradually increase, especially after the warranty expires. Eventually, I begin to worry about unexpected breakdowns. Regardless of how well I maintain the car, parts wear out, and the risk of breakdowns increase. And, invariably, I will encounter an issue at the worst possible moment.  

At some point, usually, after I get a big repair bill, I realize I should have replaced the car sooner. When I do, I appreciate how much technology improvements make the driving experience better and question why I didn't upgrade earlier.

The lifecycle of a data protection appliance is similar. As it ages, maintenance costs and the risk of an unexpected problem go up, and capabilities critical to your business's success are missing. Trying to get a few more years out of an old appliance is not a cost-effective strategy.

The launch of NetBackup Flex 2 provides four compelling reasons to upgrade aging appliances.

  1. Ransomware attacks are top of mind in IT organizations today. NetBackup Flex 2 running with NetBackup 8.3 provides enterprise-class ransomware resiliency from edge to core to cloud. NetBackup Flex 2 running on 5340 appliances add ransomware resilience for the toughest workloads in the core datacenter. Deploy NetBackup Flex 2 and compact 5150 appliances in remote and branch offices or small and mid-size enterprise environments to protect these locations from ransomware.
  2. Connect to multiple clouds with appliances running NetBackup 8.3 and NetBackup Flex 2 to simplify your hybrid cloud environment, balancing on-premises performance needs and the economies of the public cloud.
  3. Datacenter costs are significantly reduced by consolidating older appliances and point products with NetBackup Flex 2 running on a new 5340 appliance. Space in the data center is probably the highest cost real estate in an enterprise. Combining the storage density and throughput of a 5340 appliance with the multi-tenant capability of NetBackup Flex 2 allows consolidation of multiple workloads and smaller appliances on a single 5340, saving cost by reducing data center footprint and simplified management.
  4. The risk of unplanned downtime goes up with aging, out of support appliances. Veritas designs appliances with the most reliable components available, but even the best components eventually wear out. A component failure could result in costly unplanned downtime. Veritas support provides expert advice that helps identify potential problems before they impact the business and keeps your systems up and running at peak performance. Once an appliance goes end of support, you lose this expertise, and the risk of costly downtime goes up. Refresh an aging appliance before support ends with a new 5150 or 5340 running NetBackup Flex 2.

Ransomware resiliency, cloud connectivity, reduced cost, and risk are just a few of the new NetBackup Flex 2 operating environment's benefits running on 5150 and 5340 appliances.

Call your Veritas salesperson today to learn more and get that "new car feeling" with a new appliance running NetBackup Flex 2.

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