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Four reasons to use Universal Shares to protect your OpenStack environment

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Imagine if you can simply restore to a point-in-time rather than spend hours on end to locate and restore a full backup.

With Universal Shares, you can cut down the effort, storage, and cost to protect your OpenStack environment and restore your data.

Universal Shares stores data directly into an existing NetBackup-based media server deduplication pool providing redundant storage in a space-efficient, deduplicated state. Once a Protection Point has been created, NetBackup automatically catalogs the data as a specific point in time copy like any other data ingested into NetBackup. And because the Protection Point only catalogs the Universal Share data that already resides in the MSDP, no data movement occurs.

Learn more about Universal Shares and how to configure for OpenStack in our NetBackup User Group: Protection for OpenStack with Universal Shares.

Why you need to protect your OpenStack with Universal Shares today:

  1. Modern approach to NAS-based storage targets that deliver the same data protection and advanced management capabilities you’ve come to rely upon within NetBackup such as Auto-Image Replication, Storage Lifecycle Policies, Optimized Duplication, cloud, and more.
  2. Space-saving, deduplicated dump location along with direct integration with NetBackup technologies, including data retention, replication, and direct integration with cloud technologies.
  3. Reduced complexity and reliance on third-party intermediary storage, which typically doubles the required I/O throughput since data must be moved twice.
  4. Protect valuable applicable and database data in half the time with a focus on point-in-time

Check out this short video as I walk you through how to protect your OpenStack environment with Universal Shares: