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Full Life-Cycle Support with Veritas Appliance Services



01_Instagram_1080x1080.jpgImagine if an expert team arrived at your site to install your new appliance and bring it on-line in a matter of a few hours. The team even installs the appliance in your rack and configures it to your specific requirements. This is a reality with Veritas Appliance Installation & Deployment services. But installation is only the beginning: 

  • Problems are identified before they happen with Veritas Autosupport.
  • Our Call Home Services team continuously monitors and alerts you of key system events that can incur downtime and loss of productivity through hardware status telemetry from the appliance.
  • If the team determines that a component, such as a disk drive, is failing it quickly schedules field service and parts replacement much faster than a traditional support engagement. Often the replacement part arrives before you realized there is a potential problem.

Veritas Appliance Services lets you focus on your business rather than maintaining IT infrastructure.

In addition to the Appliance Services, we’ve found that business conditions often change and an appliance needs to be repurposed to a new application or even relocated to a new site. Disconnecting an appliance, packing it, moving it and reinstalling it can be a cumbersome process with the risk of damaging the appliance while it is being moved.

Veritas has introduced a new service called Appliance Relocation Services, to mitigate the time, effort and risk of relocating an appliance. We provide professional takedown, logistics transport, and repurpose reinstallation of your appliance as a complete package.

I sat down with my colleague JP Aubineau, Product Manager for Appliance Services to dig into the latest developments. Tune in to the Voice of Veritas podcast “Episode 28: Keep Your Systems up and Running with Access to Appliance Services”, and learn more about Appliance Services here.