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Get Ready for Your First Zetabyte with NetBackup Appliance 3.1


IDC predicts that there will be 44 Zetabytes of data being managed worldwide by 2020, yes I said Zeta!! 

Here are highlights of the new NetBackup Appliance 3.1 software that will help protect your data as we move into the Zetabyte age.

Appliance High Availability reduces planned and unplanned down time to almost zero.

Enterprises in the Zetabyte world depend on their data to stay ahead in a rapidly changing business environment. This means access to data 24/7 365 days a year.

NetBackup Appliance High Availability is based on dual media servers in an active-active configuration. This means both media servers run in parallel. If one media server goes offline the other keeps running insuring uninterrupted access to data. NetBackup Appliances are the only data protection appliances with active-active high availability. The active-active configuration brings several important benefits: 

Appliance 3.1 Blog Picture_2.png


Appliance High Availability Improves uptime by up to 10x

Rolling upgrades are enabled with the active-active configuration. One media server is brought off-line for an upgrade while the other keeps running. After the upgrade is complete the media server is brought on-line and the second server is taken off-line for the upgrade. The appliance is running through the complete upgrade process with complete access to all data.

Appliance High Availability increases deduplication performance by up to 80%

With two media servers running in parallel the deduplication workload is shared and performance is almost doubled. Appliance High Availability balances the workload between the media servers for optimal performance

Appliance High Availability Reduces Risk

Redundant media servers mean the system almost never goes off-line.

Deploy in less than 30 minutes

Simple 3-step configuration process: cable, configure, add node

 NetBackup 5330 appliances can be easily upgraded to the HA configuration with the addition of a second media server using the 3-step configuration process. Appliance High Availability insures un-interrupted access to business-critical data.

New Virtual Appliance for Data Centers

Virtual Environments are ubiquitous in the Enterprise today and will grow in the Zetabyte world. Virtual environments enable more efficient use of infrastructure saving both CapEx and OpEx costs.

The new Virtual Appliance for Data Centers adds to the NetBackup Virtual Appliance family and brings true enterprise class capabilities.

  • 250 TB Max capacity
  • Media Server only configuration for easy integration into environments with existing master servers
  • NetBackup Copilot for Oracle
  • AutoSupport to prevent failures before they happen.

The maximum capacity for the NetBackup Virtual Appliance for Remote Offices has also been increased to 16 TB. NetBackup Virtual Appliances now span from the Remote office to the Enterprise with the addition of the Virtual Appliance for Data Centers. 

Centralized Management

Zetabyte enterprises need multiple NetBackup Appliances and a mix of virtual and physical appliances to protect their data. Appliance management can become a huge task if each appliance has to be managed individually.

Centralized Management enables management of all NetBackup appliances, virtual and physical from a single pane of glass, with a single user interface. Software upgrades can be applied to all appliances from the single pane of glass, saving time and expense.

Here’s what customers had to say about the new Centralized Management user interface according to Jen Teves, PhD (Appliance UX, Principal User Researcher)

“During the recent Veritas Vision 2017, 26 participants rated the Appliance Management Console & it received a score of 84.42 over 100 on the System Usability Scale (SUS). The SUS is a standardized & technology-independent questionnaire that measures perceived usability of a product, system, or a user interface (Brooke, 1986). The average score on SUS is 68 and scores above 80.3 correspond to a letter grade of A which means, users find the interface usable and are likely to recommend it to others. For the Appliance Management Console to be rated 84.42 on SUS means that it is highly usable and acceptable to the targeted users. A participant comment, “It looks like your other products. That is good.” is also a testament to the benefits of having a consistent design language system across Veritas product offerings.”

Increased Capacities for NetBackup 5330 and NetBackup 5240

The need for more capacity will be a fact of life in the Zetabyte world. Veritas has significantly increased the capacity of our NetBackup Appliances

Get Ready for the Zetabyte era with NetBackup Appliances

With the new capabilities introduced with 3.1, NetBackup Appliances are firmly established in the Petabyte world and preparing for the Zetabyte era: 

  • Appliance High Availability provides almost zero downtime
  • Virtual Appliances span the remote office to the Data Center
  • Manage all physical and virtual NetBackup appliances from a single pane of glass with Centralized Management
  • NetBackup 5330 breaks the Petabyte barrier with max usable capacity of 1.37PB
  • NetBackup 5240 capacity increases by 50% to 300TB

Contact your Veritas Salesperson to see how you can:

  • Easily upgrade your 5330 to a High Availability configuration
  • Simplify Appliance management with Centralized Management
  • Reduce costs with Virtual Appliances
  • Increase capacity on the NetBackup 5330 and 5240

Get ready for your first Zetabyte!