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Get a New Pair of Legs with the New NetBackup 5250 Appliance


Every year, I look forward to getting a new pair of running shoes. I'm always impressed with the improvements in technology that makes each run more comfortable because the new, lighter shoes breath better and are more stable.

One year it was time for my new pair of shoes, but I decided the old pair still looked pretty good, and I could save some money if I use them a little longer. About a month later, the sole separated from the shoe, I tripped and twisted my ankle. Between the medical expenses and the time it took to recover, the decision to delay my purchase cost more than the few dollars I saved by trying to extend the life of my old shoes.

After that experience, I went back to my yearly new pair of running shoes. I take advantage of the latest technologies and help avoid potential injury. Similarly, enterprise IT needs to consider a regular upgrade cadence to increase data protection capabilities and avoid costly downtime.


Today, Veritas introduced the new NetBackup 5250 appliance. Compared to its predecessor, the NetBackup 5240 appliance, we have upgraded all the technology in the 5250 to offer:

  • 40% increase in throughput
  • 35% increase in storage density 
  • Up to 30% reduction in the cost of ownership
  • Higher I/O performance with up to six optical 25Gb Ethernet ports.

Additionally, compared to the NetBackup 5230, the 5250 offers an astounding 145% increase in performance and a 170% increase in storage density. 

The NetBackup 5250 has a new front bezel to reflect the advanced technology, high performance, and economies in the appliance. From concept to the final product, Veritas designed the NetBackup 5250 to bring the most advanced data protection to the enterprise.

Now is the time to upgrade to the NetBackup 5250 to take advantage of the increase in performance and lower cost of ownership. When support for NetBackup 5230 ends in the next couple of years, the cost of ownership will increase. While Veritas designs our appliances for reliability, the cost of ownership will increase. While Veritas designs our appliances for reliability, the cost of pushing an appliance beyond its expected life far outweighs any potential cost savings. 

Veritas is delivering the new NetBackup 5250 installed with a recent version of NetBackup and NetBackup Appliance S/W. So, you get all the new capabilities of NetBackup S/W, along with the latest appliance features, including hardened security, simplified management, and proactive support.

Upgrading to a new NetBackup 5250 is like getting a new pair of running shoes. But with the new NetBackup S/W capabilities, and all the new Appliance S/W capabilities, it is like getting a new pair of legs. 

I can only wish to get a new pair of legs with every pair of running shoes.

For more information on the newest addition to the NetBackup Appliance family, visit