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Granting secure access with the new NetBackup web UI

Welcome to the second sneak preview of the new NetBackup web UI. We’ve streamlined our user experience to be easy for any IT administrator to use, including backup admins, storage admins, VM admins or DBAs.

One feature we’re particularly excited about is role-based access control. With this new capability you can assign other admins to certain roles with pre-defined access privileges. Our intuitive deign makes this process simple and fast.

Role-based access lets you grant access to other administrators and define what data and systems they can manage. Once this is done, users will have more direct control over the protection and recovery of their data without needing help. This reduces your daily workload while empowering others.

NetBackup 8.1.2 will be available soon, but for now take a look at how this new capability will work. Watch the video to see what the new NetBackup can do, and check back soon for one more feature preview before our launch event.

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