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Highlight from the Symantec NetBackup Customer Forum in September 2010 -- NetBackup Domain Network Analyzer (NBDNA)

Level 4

At the recent NetBackup customer forum, I had the opportunity to talk to some engineers about a very cool new utility called NBDNA – NetBackup Domain Networker Analyzer.  Given the frequency with which network changes, not made by the backup administrator, affect backups, I thought this tool sounded very cool.  The command utility analyzes the NetBackup domain and its configuration for network issues, performance, and behavior. It addresses hostname lookup and connectivity between NetBackup hosts and their role within the NetBackup domain.

NBDNA does the following:

  • Discovers and maps the NetBackup domain
  • Extracts the hostname memberships by querying the configuration
  • Evaluates hostname lookup and socket connectivity to these hostnames to validate their network relationship status according to their domain configuration

NBDNA can be run on a NetBackup master server or media server. It creates and identifies a zip archive containing all generated reports. You can return the zip archive to Symantec upon request. 

Watch this video to hear about it directly from the engineers.

Download NBDNA from the support site here!