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Welcome to the second part of the blog series where I will be discussing the new features in NetBackup 8.1.2. Today, I will be discussing Instant Access for VMware.

When it comes to data protection for enterprises, performance and scale are of paramount importance. NetBackup is the King of Scale and will continue to be so. In the same vein, we delivered Instant Access for VMware which allows faster access to data without agents.

While NetBackup users can leverage Instant Recovery for VMware to accomplish agentless granular file and folder recovery, Instant Access offers a fully automated user experience.  It enables VMware administrators to seamlessly recover files and folders to a guest Virtual Machine without the need to install/maintain any agents on the guest. The new web-UI enables role-based access control, which allows secure access for authorized users to restore a file from a virtual machine quickly.

Watch the video to learn how with Instant Access, you can quickly boot up a VMware virtual machine on the NetBackup Appliance, browse for what you need, and get your data back.

Next week, I will be discussing how the new UI for NetBackup enables protection for cloud workloads.