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Introducing NetBackup 5330 Integrated Appliance

Joining the NetBackup appliance family is the newest member; NetBackup 5300 series. The 5300 series are media servers with storage and are optimized to deliver a new level of performance, scalability, and resiliency in the industry. The NetBackup 5330 was announced in October and will be GA (General Availability) in early March. Only a few short weeks away!

We’re really excited about the addition of this new appliance to our NetBackup integrated appliance family. Keep reading for more details on how it fits.

Integrated Appliances 

The NetBackup 5330 is an integrated purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA). Integrated, as defined by IDC, means it has the master or media servers built into the system to orchestrate the backup and movement of data to other systems or removable media such as tape. This is different than target appliances, which are dependent on third-party backup software and designed to integrate in heterogeneous environments. Often target appliances are deduplication storage systems or devices. 

Both the NetBackup 5200 and 5300 series are integrated appliances. 

NetBackup Appliance Family

The introduction of the NetBackup 5330 further extends NetBackup appliances into large enterprises. It is the perfect complement to the NetBackup 5200 series, allowing you to leverage both series to address specific backup and recovery challenges within your environment. 
  • NetBackup 5200 series – a versatile integrated backup appliance that can be deployed as a master server, media server, or both, for a NetBackup domain. It simplifies and offers OpEx savings over traditional build-your-own media servers. 
  • NetBackup 5300 series – an integrated backup media server with storage to support greater performance, capacity, and resiliency requirements. Product Family graphic w scale.png

NetBackup Appliance Product Comparison

One difference between the NetBackup 5230 and 5330 models is their capacity scale, as highlighted in the Figure 1 above. 

Related to capacity, another difference is the capacity density of the products, see Table 1. The NetBackup 5330 delivers 22.80 TB per Rack Space Unit (RSU). Having greater capacity density saves valuable rack space, which is often at a premium given the cost of data center floor space and limited ability to expand the data center. The appliance also delivers environmental benefits such as power and cooling, which will be covered in greater detail in a subsequent blog. 

Table 1 - Usable Capacity and Density Chart
  NetBackup 5230 NetBackup 5330
Usable Capacity (TB max.) 148 TB 229 TB
Rackspace (RSU) 14 10
Density (TB per RSU) 10.57 22.80 

The NetBackup 5200 and 5300 series already co-exist in many customer environments. Two common scenarios for the  NetBackup 5200 are:

  • Replacement for build-your-own media servers. Allows organizations to make an initial investment in NetBackup appliances and gain the Operating Expenditure (OpEx) savings and the option to later consolidate point products (i.e. VTLs or target dedupe storage) into the NetBackup 5230 appliance by adding additional expansion shelves. 
  • Remote offices. As a media server with either 4TB or 14TB of capacity, it is perfect for remote offices to consolidate a media server, disk and/or tape storage into a single appliance. This allows for local backups with the added protection of replication to a centralized site or datacenter, all under the control of IT. 

The NetBackup 5330 is ideal for organizations requiring performance, scale, or reliability. Common use cases are:

  • Media server requiring greater performance and capacity scale for data storage, either deduplicated and/or non-deduplicated. 
  • Centralized storage; either in a datacenter or in a disaster recovery (DR) target.  For example, using the NetBackup 5230 in the remote offices, and replicating back to a NetBackup 5330 for centralized storage. 

In subsequent blogs, I will cover several few key attributes of the NetBackup 5330 appliance; its performance, scale, and resiliency. 


The NetBackup 5330 is the newest family member to the integrated appliance family and delivers a new level of performance, scalability, and resiliency in the industry. 

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