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Introducing NetBackup Appliance 2.7.1: Increasing Visibility and Scaling for Growth

As the sheer volume of data continues to multiply, businesses and their IT departments are managing and protecting more information, applications and environments than ever before, with less time to do so. As if managing this data wasn’t complicated enough, companies also need to implement high performance solutions across a variety of different platforms that can readily scale with growth.

With that need in mind, Veritas is unveiling its latest NetBackup Appliance, release 2.7.1. This solution provides an extraordinary level of visibility during the backup and recovery process with Oracle databases, empowering administrators to independently complete their tasks while remaining aware of what’s happening elsewhere in the environment. The appliance release also provides double the amount of previously available capacity for the NetBackup 5330 Appliance, allowing companies to scale as their data grows.

Among the key features within NetBackup 2.7.1:

  • NetBackup Copilot for Oracle: The NetBackup Copilot feature helps database administrators (DBAs) and backup administrators better manage and protect Oracle databases in a coordinated way, alleviating existing frustrations between the two groups around a lack of visibility and control. Under existing processes, only one administrator can be in charge of backing up the data – leaving the other without insight into what’s being done, thus potentially creating a corporate governance risk. The two groups often have to email or call each other in order to stay in the loop, complicating and elongating the process.

But with NetBackup Copilot, Oracle DBAs have the opportunity to actually act as “co-pilots,” using the NetBackup Appliance as the landing pad for their data. DBAs are able to independently manage backups using native Oracle tools on their own schedules while having confidence that the data will progress through the appropriate tiers of storage based on pre-established storage lifecycle policies (SLPs). At the same time, the backup team can see the DBA performing the backup and know their pre-established SLPs will manage the storage, retention and movement of copies to disk, tape or cloud storage tiers.

For the first time, both backup and database administrators have full visibility during the entire backup and recovery processes, giving them the access and control they desire, while helping to ensure they meet their companies’ governance policies. Copilot also dramatically reduces backup times with NetBackup Accelerator for Oracle, a feature designed to achieve full backups in the time it takes to do incremental backups.

  • NetBackup 5330 Appliance: Veritas has made a plan to increase the appliance performance and capacity every 12 to 18 months.  NetBackup 5330 doubles the usable capacity and deduplication pool size to 458 TB – addressing the needs of customers who require both enterprise scalability, high performance, and resiliency.

 NetBackup 5330 maximizes storage capacity, reducing operating and capital expenditures.  Having greater density and thus delivering more capacity in less space, enables data centers to reduce the required amount of floor or rack space devoted to data protection. It’s also an integrated purpose-built backup appliance that is ENERGY STAR® certified, delivering greater power and cooling savings.

These enhancements build on top of the recently announced features of NetBackup 7.7.1, including Accelerator for NDMP and support for the new Amazon S3 Standard – IA cloud platform.

As Veritas moves toward becoming an independent company, we look forward to continuing to bring innovative products to market.







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