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Is your data center multi-cloud ready? Are you sure?

The era of the multi-cloud data center is here, promising better workload performance, lower costs, and greater availability while allowing organizations to streamline their IT operations.  Some organizations are already reaping benefits from the multi-cloud data center, while others have yet to move from the same basic data center architecture they've had for the better part of the last decade. 


NBU 8.1 upgrade.pngFor those IT organizations that are pondering how to best take advantage of the multi-cloud, join Veritas, Microsoft, and Nutanix for a webcast on October 24, 2017 as they offer expert insight and advice on how you and your IT team can successfully and pragmatically turn your existing data center into a true multi-cloud data center.

Hosted by Veritas Chief Marketing Officer Lynn Lucas, this online webcast event will feature senior executive experts Tad Brockway, General Manager, Azure Storage, Microsoft; Raja Mukhopadhyay Vice President, Product Management, Nutanix; and Mike Palmer, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Veritas.  Hot multi-cloud topics discussed will include:

      -  migrating workloads to the cloud

      -  when to run workloads in the cloud, on-premises, or across multiple clouds

      -  how to optimize backup and recovery of data to the multi-cloud

      -  how to support emerging big data, open source, and "web-scale" workloads in the multi-cloud

      -  and other considerations for optimizing both on-premises and cloud-based computing and storage resources

Be sure to register now for this free event taking place on October 24 and put your organization in prime position to turn your data center into a true multi-cloud data center!

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