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Leveraging your backups for more than recovery

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Did you know that one of the biggest causes of rising data volumes is copy data? Copies of production data that are created to meet the varying needs of organizations e.g. test and development. According to IDC, copy data will cost IT organizations $50.63 billion by 2018 (60% of the storage budget). Yet IT budgets are increasing on average by 7% per year, which does not keep pace with the rise in costs from the growth of data volumes. Along with the challenges of rising data volumes, organizations are challenged to make copies accessible for end users immediately. Manual and labor intensive processes to provision copies of production data can take days or even weeks from start to finish. At a time when IT is under increasing pressure to rapidly deliver new applications, testing environments and business line support, manual data provisioning slows the organization down and causes project delays. 

Veritas solves the challenges of manual data provisioning and copy data proliferation by leveraging your backup data for more than recovery. Watch our short video featuring Alberto Sigimondi, Principal Product Manager for Velocity as he explains how Veritas offers a unique approach to Copy Data Management which provides rapid, on-demand self-service access to data without the burden of creating, storing and maintaining physical copies or resource dependences.

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