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Maximizing resiliency and portability in Azure Stack

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As digital transformation evolves across edge to core to cloud, there is a heightened value in solutions that bring cloud-native capabilities and operating principles to the private cloud data center—uniformity in technology and operating models between on-prem and cloud reduces complexity and ultimately improves the speed of innovation for IT organizations. Microsoft Azure Stack Hub is an ideal example of this, bringing cloud-native resource management and operating models to enterprises that have or will adopt cloud-based applications with the requirement that whole or parts of the primary environment remain in an on-premises private cloud.Azure Stack_Figure1.png

As our joint Microsoft and Veritas enterprise customers make this journey, the expectations for resiliency are ever-present—capabilities around automated orchestrated resiliency that can meet a range of recovery point and time service level objectives are core. Beyond those core objectives, the methodology used must integrate and work for cloud-native workloads and applications on Azure Stack; including, allowing low RPO and efficient RTO with automated portability of native workloads between Azure Stacks and Azure for 2nd or 3rd disaster recovery scenarios and for organizations going through an application transition to the public cloud over time.

In 8.3, NetBackup Resiliency (powered by Resiliency Platform technology), introduced capabilities aligned to the above-mentioned objectives including:

  • Supported source and target data center environments
    • Between Azure Stack and Azure Stack
    • Between Azure Stack and Azure
    • Between Azure and Azure Stack
  • Low RPO, real-time, consistent data movement
  • Single click automated migration and takeover of Azure Stack IaaS Virtual Machines, including dependency and order automation control of multiple VMs, business services through the whole data center
  • Non-production rehearsal for recoverability auditing, automated change testing, and any data reuse scenario that requires a copy environment all the way from data through the workloads without affecting production
  • Service level objective-driven management paradigm for resiliency protection across Azure, Azure Stack and the rest of the enterprise data center environment
  • Simple deployment experience through Azure Stack marketplace

Azure Stack_Figure2.png

To learn more, look for our upcoming video series that will show:

  • Simplified deployment through Azure Stack marketplace, Azure Stack onboarding, and configuration
  • Automated migration, takeover, and rehearsal of Azure Stack multi-tier workloads between Azure Stacks and Azure
  • Resiliency monitoring and reporting across hybrid Azure Stack, Azure environments