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NetBackup (NetBackup 7.6 Maintenance Release 2) is now available!

I’m extremely happy to announce that NetBackup is now Generally Available!

NetBackup is our first maintenance release for the NetBackup 7.6 line ("" was our "7.6 GA" release). This release contains fixes to 568 issues including resolutions for most commonly downloaded EEBs, customer escalations, and critical internally found defects. also provides several critical security fixes and many high-demand proliferations to our customers. The significant content of this release is:

  • Almost 200 customer-related defect fixes, including 12 issues highlighted in the 7.6 Late Breaking News
  • Security fixes - most notably, removal/update of all components making use of an OpenSSL version potentially affected by "Heartbleed"
  • Parity with - if you were still waiting for a fix to make it into the 7.6 line, here's your update!
  • Proliferations:
    • Oracle 12c
    • Hyper-V 2012 R2 w/File level GRT
    • VDDK 5.5 (I understand that some of you are interested in this one!)
    • FT Media Server SLES 11 SP3
    • BMR Proliferations (Solaris 11.1, Suse 11 SP2/SP3, Windows 2012/8, RHEL6 XEN)
  • Features
    • Amazon Cloud Non-US Regions Support (7.5 line parity)

To download, please visit the following page:

NetBackup Download Links

This is a MAINTENANCE Release for NetBackup (as opposed to a Release Update) - it can ONLY be applied on top of NetBackup 7.6 GA.  (If you are currently running 7.0, 7.0.1, 7.1, 7.1.0.x, 7.5 OR 7.5.0.x, you will need to upgrade to 7.6 GA before you can apply

To check to see if your particular Etrack is resolved in NetBackup, please refer to these Release Notes and our updated EEB guide:

NetBackup Release Notes

Symantec NetBackup 7.6 Emergency Engineering Binary Guide

The NetBackup 7.6 Late Breaking News has also been updated to reflect newly released fixes in for some of our highest visibility issues:

NetBackup 7.6 Late Breaking News

Bookmark the NetBackup Product Landing Page to have these links and many more useful links handy:



There's a giant asterisk on this release regarding that Hyper-V support, as it's not actually supported if your OS is up to date...

Rasheed has responded to this point on the forum:

Much the same story for VMware Operating Systems. Not supported if you're up to date. No 5.5 U1 or vCD 5.5 support....

As mentioned by Chris before:

I believe there's a note in TECH127089 (page 15) which applies:

Unless otherwise stated, NetBackup for VMware supports VMware updates.

So if you are in an environment where 5.1 is supported, that means we should automatically support 5.1U1, 5.1U2, and so on in the same environment at the time of release...UNLESS we specifically note an exclusion in the statement of support.  As far as I know, there is nothing on the horizon as far as excluding 5.1 Update 1, but if you find it DOESN'T work, definitely open a case and let us know.

Where's NB_JAV_7.6.0.2.winnt.x86.exe

Edit: Oops, no more 32-bit GUI!

Hi Sam,

5.5 U1 and vCD 5.5 are both supported with  Have you been told otherwise?

What is the roadmap to support Domino 9 on RedHat 6 ?

At this moment it is only supported on AIX and SLES platform.



Sorry, I can't answer that.  Best for you to engage your sales engineer with your needs and have them talk to Product Management on your behalf.

Hi Chris,

looking at the TSM copatibility matrix for Vmware, il looks like they are well ahead of NBU and already support VDDK 5.5.1. Can you please let us know when NBU will support those too?

It also seems that TSM supports VDDK 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 while NBU only supports 5.1.1. Can you please confirm.



Hi Francesco,

This is the thread!

Please check out the thread - it may answer your questions.  Smiley Happy