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NetBackup 8.3 – Data Integrity and Security Improvements

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Security is more important than ever for data protection in global deployments. Customers across Banking, Finance, Telecom, Pharma, and Government Organizations at every level are targeted with numerous security threats that jeopardize sensitive data wherever it resides.

Large Enterprises and Government bodies across the globe have turned to Veritas NetBackupTM for providing a scalable, flexible, and highly secure industry’s most advanced data protection solution.

Veritas is pleased to announce that its flagship product NetBackup 8.3 has many new features that help customers improve their security posture in the ever-increasing risk environment. Specifically, the 8.3 release targets on improving the customer’s ability to protect data integrity. New feature functionality includes:   

Support for Immutable Storage

NetBackup, utilizing its  OpenStorage (OST) Technology, is now able to manage immutable backup images with storage solutions (Veritas or 3rd Party) that utilize an OST Plug-in.  Immutable storage reduces the risk for malware or ransomware from encrypting backup data making it unusable. 

Existing storage solutions will be required to update their existing OST plug-ins to take advantage of this capability. Veritas Flex Appliances are planned to support immutability utilizing this functionality in future Flex release(s).  Veritas is also working with several major 3rd party storage providers on upgrading their plug-ins for immutability support. 

Support for 3rd Party Key Management
NetBackup 8.3 now supports the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) which allows agnostic integration with third party Key Management System (KMS) solutions.  This new capability gives customers using data-at-rest encryption a choice between Veritas or utilizing 3rd party KMS offerings.  Refer to the HCL for additional information on supported vendors.

Role-Based Access Control Improvements
Powered by an updated infrastructure and Web UI, Veritas is able to provide granular (feature level) permissions based on role.  For example, users can only manage workloads they have been assigned and can only perform the range of tasks you authorize.


Single Sign-on available in the Web UI
Enhanced user authentication for Web UI powered by SAML allows integration with third-party Identity providers.

Audit log export to Syslog
Powered by APIs and Web UI NetBackup audit logs could be forwarded to a central Syslog server.

2048 bit+ support for NetBackup Certificate Authority
Customers utilizing NetBackup certificates can now use certificates with 2048 bit+ keys.  NetBackup also maintains its support for Third-Party Certificate Authorities that already support 2048 bit+ keys. 

Blog article contribution from @Dan_Sanden