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NetBackup Virtual Appliances: As easy as ordering a well-planned gourmet dinner


For those of us who can’t cook or don’t have the time to cook, prepared meals delivered to your home is a great option. Usually the meal is planned by a chef so all the side dishes complement the main course and best of all, the ingredients are fresh. You benefit from the experience of a professional chef in the convenience of your home. It is a well-integrated meal. You can spend the time saved on other activities that you enjoy.

Prepared meals remind me of NetBackup appliances. They are delivered fully integrated and tested with the best components. They save time and money and let you focus on your business rather than your infrastructure.

virtual appliance.pngNetBackup virtual appliances bring all the benefits of NetBackup physical appliances to a virtual environment. The advantages of virtual machines are well known; increased data center efficiency, faster provisioning of resources and simplified management. But applications still need to be integrated on a virtual machine. This is where NetBackup virtual appliances come in.

NetBackup appliances have an integrated software stack that includes NetBackup software, the Veritas Operating System (VxOS), and the Veritas Journaling File system. This same software stack is offered on NetBackup Virtual Appliances and is tested and optimized by experienced data protection engineers. An appliance with a software stack integrated on the virtual machine saves the time needed to identify, procure, integrate, test and optimize a data protection system.

There are now four members of the NetBackup Virtual Appliance family enabling a virtual infrastructure that spans the remote office to the cloud. The original NetBackup Virtual Appliance for Remote Office is a master/media server combo. The Virtual Appliance for Data Center is only a media server. With the release of NetBackup Appliance 3.1.2 we are adding a Master Server Virtual Appliance and a NetBackup CloudCatalyst Virtual Appliance 

NetBackup Virtual Appliances have a simple capacity-based license. Choose a capacity and download the virtual appliance. Redeploy the virtual appliance as needed.

Deploying a NetBackup Data Protection Environment is now as easy as ordering a prepared gourmet meal from home. Download the Appliance and deploy it into your virtual environment. Then spend the time you save on growing your business.

Visit Veritas at VMworld(booth 1242) to learn more about NetBackup Virtual Appliances.