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While Veritas is known as the provider of NetBackup—the market leader in data protection software, it may surprise some to know Veritas is also a leader in data protection appliances. In the world of the IT generalist, appliances can make data protection easer to deploy, simpler to manage, and more reliable and secure.

There are multiple ways to deploy a NetBackup data protection environment, including building your own infrastructure, integrating NetBackup in virtual environments, or deploying using appliances. Customers are increasingly finding Veritas Appliances are the quickest, most economical and reliable way to deploy NetBackup.

The decision to build it yourself or use an optimized integrated solution is a common choice we encounter, daily, and not just in regard to data management.

Important decisions: IT and pizzaPizza Appliance.png

On the way home from work today, you decide you’d like pizza for dinner. You have a couple of choices: stop by the grocery store, purchase all the ingredients and take an hour to build and bake the pizza at home—or drive directly home and have a pipping hot pizza delivered to your door. If you took a special course on crafting pizza and know the secrets to combine and bake the range of ingredients, you may opt to spend an hour on the do-it-yourself option. On the other hand, if you are a less specialized cook, you may decide to dedicate that hour to something more personally fruitful, and have a pizza delivered from your local pizza shop.

Time is a valuable resource

Today, organizations are facing a similar choice; they can focus resources on increasing business, or use resources to build, manage, and maintain IT infrastructure. Integrating, deploying, and managing a data protection infrastructure is a specialized skill. Engineers with experience integrating operating systems, data protection software, RAID controllers, network controllers on servers and testing them are needed to build a data protection infrastructure from scratch. Engineers with these specialized skills are not available in many organizations, or they could be put to better use focusing on the business.

Enter Veritas appliances

Veritas has dedicated engineering teams with experience integrating NetBackup software with operating systems, security software, and all the hardware components. When a NetBackup Appliance is delivered to a customer, their data protection environment is up and running in a few hours at optimum performance. Veritas offers management tools so multiple appliances can be managed and upgraded from a single pane of glass.

NetBackup appliances let you focus resources on your business rather than your data protection infrastructure—just one reason NetBackup appliances have grown to become the Integrated Appliance market share leader over the last two years.

Just think—with the ease of use and time saved with NetBackup appliances, you’ll have the extra hour to go home and bake and enjoy your own gourmet pizza.

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