New course released in the Veritas Learning Lab – NetBackup 8.2: Advanced Administration

Check out Veritas Education Services’ latest 5-day course – NetBackup 8.2: Advanced Administration – which is now open for registration! Whether you’re new to NetBackup, or a seasoned user seeking additional insight to the platform, Veritas Education Services designed this course for you.

The training course will teach you how to make your data protection strategy successful through your newfound knowledge of:

  • NetBackup performance, 
  • disaster recovery, 
  • application backups on physical and virtual machines, 
  • virtual machine accelerator backups, 
  • and security. 

With 10+ new skills mastered, you’ll also be able to use NetBackup to manage Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint database backups and restores, along with other modern workloads.

Training is available in Instructor-Led, Virtual Instructor-Led, and Learning Lab formats. For more information, see the full Course Description.

NBU 8.2 Advanced Admin Image 1.pngNBU 8.2 Advanced Admin Image 2.png


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This is great news! Each certificate is a bonus for your resume, which increases the chance of you successfully passing the ATC screening Remember that the system, not the recruiter, selects your resume