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New in Veritas NetBackup Self Service 8.2

For those managing backup and recovery for an enterprise—whether as an IT administrator or service provider—you require multi-tenancy and orchestration capabilities to deliver dependable results.

Multi-tenancy with secure separation of assets
With NetBackup Self Service you can deploy any type of multi-tenant architecture based on your customer requirements—shared all, shared compute with private storage architecture, or shared nothing.The NetBackup Self Service gateway abstracts the infrastructure complexity of the back-end from your customers, while keeping their data secure.

Compelling UI integrations NetBackup
Self Service also provides a UI portal for desktops and laptops, as well as a phone administrative interface. To deliver advanced orchestration we’ve also integrated with Slack, Microsoft Teams, vRealize and ServiceNow for greater administrative flexibility.

Also new in NetBackup 8.2:

• NetBackup Self Service Protection Levels are extended to allow cloud snapshot management, via NetBackup APIs, for a consistent user experience across on-premises and cloud. Key features include auto-cloud asset discovery to NetBackup Self Service, multi-tenant asset partitioning via NetBackup RBAC, and seamless integration into existing NetBackup Self Service protection structures and dashboards.

• Direct integration of vRealize and ServiceNow is now available through NetBackup APIs, as well as via NSS APIs. The vRealize plugin is available for NetBackup versions 8.2 and 8.1.2, and the ServiceNow plugin is available for NetBackup version 8.2. Workflows include Protect, Unprotect, Backup Now, and Restore.

• In addition to VMware, NetBackup Self Service now also supports Hyper-V workloads managed by Microsoft's System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

UX enhancements in version 8.2:

• Responsive layout that optimizes content to space available;
• Enhanced asset browse and filter features;
• Rapid ‘search as you type’ capability;
• Enhanced support for UX customizations, making it easier to add customer specific pages;
• New tenant user dashboard, with key metrics for backup usage and protection;

For additional information on what’s new in version 8.2, including details on achieving multi-tenancy using NetBackup Self Service capabilities, watch our video, below.