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Nuts and Bolts in NetBackup for VMware

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Employee Accredited Certified

Looking for the details on NetBackup for VMware?  Would you like to know about the nuts and bolts inside? We recently published, and we intend to publish more on technical details on award winning NetBackup for VMware protection. As there are many blogs in this series, I am publishing this blog as a container for this series.

The series so far:

Discovery job in VMware Intelligent Policy

Understanding V-Ray vision through backup process flow

Transport methods and TCP ports

Handling Orphaned Snapshots

Virtual Machine snapshots for backing up business critical applications

NetBackup 5220 and SLES based backup hosts

Do you prefer us to talk about something in this series on VMware protection? Add a comment to this blog and we will try to get that for you. No guarantees, but we will certainly try our level best!