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Optimize Veritas Appliance management with predictive analytics

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When you plan the next generation data protection environment, deploy new Veritas appliances, or try to optimize performance and operations, it is essential to have a predictive insights engine to deliver actionable recommendations and tailored insights for software and appliance solutions, all within a single interface for a cohesive experience. 

The Veritas NetInsights Console is a unified, SaaS-based platform that helps manage your data protection solution through its complete lifecycle. You can easily register your alliances with the NetInsight Web interface. Check this demo to get your appliances registered and monitored. You can leverage the NetInsight prediction engine and the telemetry data collected from the Veritas appliances to monitor appliance health, forecast capacity utilization, and identify potential problems such as disk failures and configuration drift. 


The NetInsights Console includes three components for managing your data protection environment:

  • System Health Insights -  understand health, operational state and determine key data in your registered Veritas systems with global monitoring insights and recommendations.
  • Usage Insights - provide accurate, near-real-time reporting and a graphical display of usage trends, Usage Insights reveals the total amount of data that is protected.
  • Appliance Deployment Planner - offers a new online, secure coordination process to capture everything needed to install and deploy your system.

Whether you're adapting to a new appliance configuration or leveraging an existing one, NetInsights Console delivers unmatched performance and results. With the integration with the Netinsight console, you can determine key risks and improve operational efficiency, reduce unplanned maintenance and downtime, and increase ROI with global insights and monitoring.

Learn more about how you can use Veritas NetInights Console to optimize lifecycle management with predictive analytics at

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This data analytics tool is designed to support day 2 operations by book writers for hire providing actionable insights into the health and performance of your data protection environment.

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