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Optimize data delivery and storage: Veritas NetBackup CloudCatalyst can do that

True end-to-end optimization with NetBackup CloudCatalyst
With NetBackup 8.1, Veritas introduced CloudCatalyst, extending the Veritas Deduplication Engine (VDE) technology that drives Media Server Deduplication (MSDP) into the cloud. This provides true end-to-end optimization in one dynamic, fully integrated solution.

CloudCatalyst end-to-end optimization vs. traditional cloud gateways.CloudCatalyst end-to-end optimization vs. traditional cloud gateways.CloudCatalyst significantly reduces data at the source before writing to the cloud, without needing cloud compute resources. This provides cost and time savings with optimized write speeds. Not only does CloudCatalyst save time and money on backups, recovery is optimized as well. When retrieving data, rehydration can be done outside of the cloud, allowing users to spend less time downloading data – there is no cumbersome staged recovery.

When it comes to freeing up space, CloudCatalyst extends VDE space reclamation abilities to allow for cloud-optimized space reclamation rather than leaving orphan data for manual cleanup later.

Data portability with optimized copy
CloudCatalyst can take optimized copies from any VDE-enabled source like on-premises MSDP or Access solutions - easily fitting the cloud into a distributed data protection strategy, leveraging intelligent policies, service level objectives, and storage lifecycle policies. Likewise, CloudCatalyst can perform an optimized copy to any compatible target.

NetBackup architecture in the cloud.NetBackup architecture in the cloud.CloudCatalyst for a cloud native solution
For a cloud native solution, CloudCatalyst can deliver deduplication with a cloud compute node writing to object storage. Using object storage for the backend saves money, while delivering a cloud native target for any compatible source. Using a modestly sized deployment, users can protect cloud resident workloads while also being a in-cloud target and recovery solution for datacenter resident workloads. For more detail on using CloudCatalyst in the cloud, read the  NetBackup in the AWS Cloud setup guide.

Choosing the right CloudCatalyst strategy for your organization
CloudCatalyst offers the same flexibility of Veritas solutions, with options ranging from a physical, turnkey 5240 CloudCatalyst appliance, Flex or virtual CloudCatalyst appliance, to BYO physical, virtual, or cloud-native instance scaled to meet any business need.

NetBackup architecture extended to the cloud.NetBackup architecture extended to the cloud.Find additional, in-depth information on CloudCatalyst in this NetBackup CloudCatalyst Technical Whitepaper, and freely connect with me in the VOX Community, @JohnHink.