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Optimize storage costs: Veritas NetBackup CloudCatalyst can do that

Cloud migration is driving IT modernization
Cloud solutions are now a significant part of the data landscape. Organizations across industries are modernizing their IT strategies by adopting cloud solutions, with many pursing cloud-first or multi-cloud approaches. A key use case for cloud technologies is migrating backup data to the cloud, driven by the decision to transition from legacy storage solutions, like tape infrastructures.

For data protection in the cloud, storage costs and retrieval times are key
Cloud solutions are an effective way to transform a business without heavy, on-premises infrastructure investment and maintenance. Though cloud adoption often presents a new set of logistical challenges to be addressed, like cost.

Cloud services are metered solutions, meaning customers pay based on the data sent to, stored in, and retrieved from the cloud. This can result in a constant challenge to meet cost restrictions. This is especially true for data protection where protection requirements range from short-term, fast-recovery with high-availability, to efficient long-term retention.

Another challenge is delivering data to cloud storage.

The Veritas Deduplication Engine: reducing storage costs in the cloud
The best way to reduce storage costs in the cloud is to reduce the data sent to the cloud – a challenge, depending on the scale of data that needs to be protected, especially for large enterprises. The ideal approach is to use deduplication technologies to reduce the amount of data sent to the cloud.

Veritas NetBackup along with the Veritas Deduplication Engine (VDE) delivers enterprise class optimized workload protection.Veritas NetBackup along with the Veritas Deduplication Engine (VDE) delivers enterprise class optimized workload protection.
Deduplication solutions cut costs, using specialized technology to shrink data before writing to cloud object storage. With a smaller payload, costs are restricted and bottom lines are met. The Veritas Deduplication Engine (VDE) driving Media Server Deduplication (MSDP) option in NetBackup is an enterprise-class software-defined storage solution that scales out to any infrastructure while delivering dramatic cost savings with data reduction. Once data is stored in the VDE storage format, it becomes highly portable and is optimized for transport to any compatible target on any infrastructure.

If you get a reasonable 10:1 deduplication ratio protecting 100 front end TB in object storage with CloudCatalyst, there is a base 80% savings cost over directly writing that data to object storage. When you start comparing the additional cost of maintaining multiple copies of the same data in standard object storage, the global deduplication from CloudCatalyst brings cost savings to over 90%.

And that is only looking at the storage savings – it doesn’t even consider the savings customers will get from the significant reduction in network traffic.

Modern data protection for the modern business
Today, NetBackup supports over 60 cloud storage targets, offering businesses optimized data protection to the cloud environments right for their organization. Join me at for additional details on this powerful enterprise solution, and follow Netting-Out NetBackup in the VOX Community for the latest updates on 8.1.2, including highlights on CloudCatalyst and other compelling NetBackup features.

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