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Parallel Streaming technology emboldens NetBackup 8.1.2 for Microsoft Azure Stack

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Parallel Streaming technology enables NetBackup to easily protect modern scale-out workloads, including those running on hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), such as Microsoft Azure Stack. 

Using the NetBackup plug-in for Microsoft Azure Stack – available from the Support website – NetBackup provides agentless backup where the backup and restore operations run on Backup Hosts. Any Red Hat 7.4 or later NetBackup client, server, or NetBackup Appliance can be configured as a Backup Host, and plug-in installation is a snap, requiring zero downtime. The data is backed up in parallel streams simultaneously, to multiple Backup Hosts. 

Azure Stack operators can add nodes to increase the capacity of an existing Azure Stack scale unit. As the size or number of workloads grow, customers have the flexibility to easily scale the number of Backup Hosts in their NetBackup environment. The solution currently provides the following capabilities:

  • Crash consistent full backups of VMs running in Azure Stack;
  • Configure Backup selection to protect a specific set of VMs or all the VMs in a Subscription or Resource Group;
  • Optimize network data transfer by protecting only allocated extents when protecting large Page Blobs;
  • Encrypted data movement between Azure Stack scale unit and NetBackup Server or Backup Host;
  • Supports Azure Stack deployments using either Azure AD and AD Federation Services as Identify Providers;
  • Restore and recover Azure Stack VM:
  • To the original or alternate location, Subscription, Resource Group, Storage Account or containers;
  • Using the original or modified configuration - vmSize, VNet, Network Security Group or VM Metadata.

This illustration highlights the components required for NetBackup to protect Azure Stack Virtual Machines.This illustration highlights the components required for NetBackup to protect Azure Stack Virtual Machines.

I recommend you review the NetBackup for Azure Stack Administrator’s Guide for more information about the Azure Stack solution, as well as details on Veritas’ modern data protection solution for next generation workloads. Our new simplified user experience in NetBackup 8.1.2 enables role-based administration, snapshot orchestration for cloud workloads, consumption reporting using a web-based Smart Meter and extensive REST APIs to drive enterprise automation. 

Veritas is proud to be a Platinum sponsor at Microsoft Ignite 2018 on September 24th through the 28th in Orlando, Florida. Please take a moment to stop by the Veritas Booth – #410 – in The Expo, West Hall, at the Orange County Convention Center.  

At our booth, #TeamVtas will feature theater presentations and demonstrations covering parallel streaming and other new Veritas technologies and features. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet our data protection experts for insights on:

  • Simple backup and archive for Office 365;
  • Easy backup and restore of Azure Cloud Apps;
  • Scalable protection for Azure Stack and Hyper-V;
  • Modern Long-Term Retention (LTR) strategy powered by Azure.

Learn more about Veritas' presence at #MSIgnite.