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Reduce Complexity, Deliver Multi-Tenancy: Multiple NetBackup roles and domains on a single appliance

Organizations often must support multiple backup deployments to meet different requirements from multiple business organizations. IT department demands an evolutionary solution to solve hardware lock-in, complicated upgrades and management, and difficulties related to efficiency and performance. So how can Veritas help? 

The Veritas Flex Appliances bring the agility, resilience, scalability, and simplicity to NetBackup data protection. With a simplified Web interface, you can run multiple NetBackup and NetBackup CloudCatalyst deployments on a single Flex appliance. Creating new deployments and upgrades can be in minutes without increasing your hardware footprint. With the Flex Appliance, enterprise-wide on-prem and cloud data protection can be delivered on-demand, and rapidly adapted to meet the changing requirements of the business.  

Key benefits:  

  • Simplifies infrastructure and reduces costs by consolidating multiple NetBackup domains in a single Flex Appliance
  • Delivers enterprise-wide, on-prem and cloud data protection with a minimal hardware footprint
  • Adapts with DevOps-like agility to business needs through microservices-based apps
  • On-Demand deployment of NetBackup data protection solutions in minutes

Flex Appliance.png

Seeing is believing. Check out the Flex Demo Video to see multiple NetBackup deployments run on a single Flex appliance. Along with steps to create new deployments, upgrades in minutes, and how to direct jobs to another media server easily. 

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