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Reducing Risk and Complexity Across the Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Are you struggling with multifaceted infrastructure?  From maintaining service-level agreements (SLAs) and meeting compliance regulations to ensuring security is up to standard, risk mitigation that requires a multifaceted approach. However, most organizations don’t have a dedicated tool that provides the depth required to reduce risk across their entire infrastructure. That’s where Veritas APTARE IT Analytics can help.

risk optimization2.JPG

APTARE is an IT analytics platform that offers analytics and reporting for all major storage, backup, and virtual infrastructures through a single console, across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. APTARE helps address the IT infrastructure’s most common high-level risk and expense drivers, including:

  • Technology rollouts that add both complexity and higher costs
  • Maintaining SLAs and compliance
  • Small but pervasive inefficiencies hidden due to a lack of visibility
  • Security risks and ransomware
  • Loss of personnel frustrated with inefficient systems

Read the Veritas paper on Reducing Risk and Complexity Across the Hybrid IT Infrastructure to learn more about how APTARE can help your company reduce risk.