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Restore Precious Data with Enhanced Restore Options from NetBackup™ SaaS Protection

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Growth is the only evidence of life! This famous quote by J.H. Newman holds true even for data consumption, whether it is used by a regular user or by organizations which must not only consider their products but also employee data backup and protection as well. This creates an immense requirement for maintaining, protecting, and backing up vast amounts of data as well as its restoration with multiple conditions. When it comes to restoring, the data situations change perilously. The volume could be anywhere from a single file to entire data loads, and the backup source could be anywhere from emails to cloud data. We at Veritas™ Technologies LLC have NetBackup™ SaaS Protection for best-in-class enterprise backup and recovery  for SaaS applications and other cloud data sets, with flexible restore options all provided through a unified interface with operational simplicity.

Ease Of Data/File Type Selection

NetBackup™ SaaS Protection allows you to select from multiple yes of data and then restore them as per your convenience from the admin portal. These files can be of any extension. They could be simple text files or emails from a particular mailbox, Teams chat data, or data present in any cloud storage like SharePoint Online, Google Drive, Box, or Slack. We have a wide range of configurations as per data sets to choose from while backing up and restoring to suit multiple requirements. With added support for Gmail backup and restore coupled with Continuous Data Protection mode -- which creates a near-real-time backup of SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business site collections -- we are offering a huge scope for businesses to protect their data. Our product comes with automated compliance enforcement and automated data residency controls, making it simple to comply with data sovereignty regulations together with flexible retention policies based on your specified custom criteria, ensuring preservation of data throughout the required timeframe.

Adaptable For Granular Data Restore

icons-bright red-veritas red_three-disks-arrows.pngNetBackup™ SaaS Protection is capable of easy and rapid restores, no matter how granular the requirement. Users can easily select the required files which needs to be restored, moreover we are capable of previewing and downloading the selected files or data as well from a simple webpage through a single interface. Irrespective of the number of files, we have the option to choose the different versions or to override the multiple versions during restore.

Restore As Per Need

NetBackup™ SaaS Protection is an adaptable and powerful platform to protect your precious data, with multiple options for performing restores. All operations come with an option for notification which provides timely status updates and alerts. It takes care of all the modern requirements, in addition to providing a unified data management and protection solution, delivering simple, cost-effective backup and flexible restore through a single and intuitive interface.

icons-bright red-veritas red_collateral-resource.pngSpecial Restore Features - Users can suppress duplicate copies of data or emails ensuring that only the required data or emails are restored. In addition to that, our product can restore regularly sent messages with ability to merge them with required mailboxes. While restoring, we have options to select the user mailbox or groups/team’s mailbox, ensuring that no data is missed. Such special features provide a rich scope to cover every situation in today's world to ensure that data is protected.

icons-bright red-veritas red_ransomware.pngRestore To Point in Time or Specific RangeUsers have the option to select data to restore from a particular time stamp or time range which can vary from a number of days. All these are covered under the PIT (Point-in-Time) restore options, which allow the user to make use of the maximum potential of the product. Users also have option to select the files based on the last modification date, which makes our product ideal for ransomware protection

icons-bright red-veritas red_archive.pngRestore With Versions - While restoring users have the option to choose the desired version of the files which are to be restored, or we can even choose to restore all the versions, restore the most-recently updated version, or restore to a particular version. All options can be selected or changed with the click of a button. We can even force override the different versions as per our restore requirements and if we are still not sure we can download or preview the files as well.

icons-bright red-veritas red_click.pngOperational Simplicity - Users have the option to choose the required restore location, it can be a store, location, or some cloud storage like SharePoint Online, Box, or Google Drive. With a simple GUI, we can choose the restore destination which can be same as data source or a different location. The same goes for emails and chats as well. We can restore the data to a particular mailbox or inside a specific folder in a mailbox, where the mailbox could be for a specific user or a group mailbox.

icons-bright red-veritas red_shield-lock.pngSecure Restore - NetBackup™ SaaS Protection has a single-tenant architecture, which  means that there is no chance of "data crossover". It has reserved dedicated resources along with  tight integration with Azure Active Directory (AD). With end-to-end encryption, backed up data is encrypted in transit and at rest, guarantying even more security for restore. Granular role-based access control (RBAC) assigns which users are granted with which privileges on which data, together with features like IP allow/deny lists, private VNet, access control lists (ACLs), and multifactor authentication ensure complete data security.


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Did You Know ?  - Veritas™ is proud to have been named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions for the 16th time. ­