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Shortening Release Cycles Gives You a Competitive Edge

Competition is a fact of life for most organizations and most business functions. Is there really any vector of the world we live in today, that competition doesn’t exist? I am sure if we thought about this enough we could probably come up with a few exceptions, but for the most part organizations are competing with other organizations on a daily basis.

In this environment, more and more organizations look for efficiencies and innovations to not only remain competitive, but to gain a competitive edge. All managers appreciate, at least intuitively, that time is money, and most will invest to save time—and the money it represents—if they see a clear opportunity. Taking time out of a business gets interesting, however, when it represents a systematic change in the way a company accomplishes its work and serves its customers. Then saving time can provide sustainable competitive advantage.

These companies make decisions faster, develop new products earlier, and convert customer orders into deliveries sooner than their competitors. As a result, they provide unique value in the markets they service, value that can translate into faster growth and higher profits.

In these top-performing companies, fast cycle time plays an important role. The basic idea is to design an organization that performs without the bottlenecks, errors, and inventories most companies live with. The faster information, decisions, and materials can flow through a large organization, the faster it can respond to customer orders or adjust to changes in market demand and competitive conditions. Less time is spent fighting fires and coordinating. More time is available for planning, for initiating competitive activity and innovation. Overall costs shrink, customer service improves, quality is higher and innovation becomes the norm.

Veritas Velocity, a new and exciting copy data management and data virtualization solution coming later this year, can help you dramatically shorten cycle times by providing easier and faster access to data than before. Through rapid 24x7 self-service access to data, there’s no more waiting, delays or resource dependencies associated with obtaining fresh data. Now you create as many virtual copies as you need, when you need them without the overhead or burden of storing and protecting physical copies. Projects complete faster resulting in improved productivity, faster time to market, and a competitive edge.

To learn more about Velocity, schedule a meeting or request a demo, please email


Thanks Kate, our head office was given a short brief on this and they're excited about it. I am sure we will see more of Velocity filter down into the regions!

Dear Team,

I have tried 2-3 times for full backup using symantec backup exe 2012 but getting error....

Job Completion Status

Job ended: Friday, 18 September, 2015 at 8:26:59 AM
Completed status: Resumed
Final error: 0xe000fe09 - The directory is invalid.
Final error category: Resource Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-65033

So Let me know, we should consider full backup completely or not. whenever i want restore this backup then what will be happening.....  Please suggest on urgent....