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Simplify life with NetBackup Appliance active-active high availability


The role of the backup server has changed. In the good old days, you began running a backup at 6PM before leaving work and it was successfully completed the next morning when you returned. Maintenance operations could be completed during off hours or on the weekend when the backup servers were not being used.

Life was simple. 

Today, with the explosion in data, backups may have to be run every 15 minutes, including the weekends. Data protection is now a 24/7/365 mission critical operation. If a backup server goes down it could be very expensive in lost data, lost time and lost opportunity. There is no time to maintain or upgrade the backup server if it’s running continuously day and night.

Life is way more complicated.

Veritas created the NetBackup appliance active-active high availability configuration to make life simple again. High availability configurations on the NetBackup 5340 and NetBackup 5330 reduce both planned and unplanned downtime to almost zero while providing up to a 70% boost in throughput.

Appliance high availability is implemented with two media servers running in parallel in an active-active configuration. If one media server goes down the other keeps running, the appliance never goes off-line. The best benefit of an active-active configuration is that the appliance keeps running during maintenance and upgrade operations. Take one media server off-line for maintenance. When maintenance is complete bring the media server back on-line and service the second media server.HA config 2.png

A NetBackup 5330 appliance can be upgraded to an HA configuration with a simple three step process that takes less than 30 minutes; cable, configure and add node.

Up to a 70% increase in throughput, almost zero planned and unplanned downtime and a simple three step upgrade process.

Life is simple again.

To learn more about NetBackup appliance high availability listen to this Voice of Veritas Podcast with George Winter, Product Manager in our NetBackup Appliance group. Also, checkout the new NetBackup 5340 Appliance.